Why Does Colorado Take Such a Hard Stand Against Marijuana to Treat Soldiers With PTSD? (Video)

Fusion Live interviews Iraq war veteran Sean Azzariti about the politics of marijuana as a treatment for symptoms of PTSD. Azzariti describes recent government approvals of MAPS' planned research into marijuana for PTSD as "huge step forward," suggesting that this research could provide the evidence needed for PTSD to be added as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana programs across the country. "We want veterans to be able to speak directly to their doctors about this," explains Azzariti. "I went from taking 13 pills a day to zero."

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Despite the fact that Colorado has some of the most liberal marijuana laws in the world, state legislators have made the curious decision to not approve medical marijuana as a treatment for PTSD…for the third time.

Fusion’s Chief Cannabis Correspondent, Ryan Nerz, interviews Sean Azzariti, an Iraq War veteran from Colorado who treats his PTSD with marijuana. Azzariti, who helped local congressmen organize the bill, explains the catch-22 behind trying to support such legislature with research.