Social Anxiety in Autistic Adults: First and Second Subjects Treated

On August 9 and 16, 2014, the first and second subjects were treated in our new study of MDMA-assisted therapy for social anxiety in adults on the autism spectrum. The third subject was enrolled on [date], and the fourth subject was enrolled on August 15. This exploratory pilot study in 12 subjects will focus on enhancing functional skills and quality of life in autistic adults with social anxiety, and is being conducted in affiliation with Harbor-UCLA Medical Center and the Los Angeles Biomedical Research Institute. “After years of planning and months of logistics preparation, we are excited that the first part of the study has flowed smoothly for the first two participants,” reports co-investigator Alicia Danforth, Ph.D. “Early indications suggest that our team has created a comfortable and supportive setting for this work, and the steady pace of enrollment so far has been inspiring.”