Forces TV: MDMA: The Cure for PTSD? (Video)

Summary: Forces TV (the official channel of the British Armed Forces) interviews MAPS Executive Director Rick Doblin, Ph.D., about how ongoing and completed clinical research is helping scientists understand how MDMA-assisted psychotherapy can help people overcome treatment-resistant PTSD. Doblin explains how MDMA-assisted psychotherapy may help people with PTSD revisit traumatic memories with reduced fear and anxiety. "If we were to sit down and figure out some sort of molecule that would be ideal for treating PTSD, that would be MDMA,” explains Doblin.

Watch the video appearing here.

Researchers in America are investigating a drug that they believe enhances the success of psychotherapy in the treatment of PTSD.

It’s not a newly-developed substance, but something that’s already well-known for very different reasons…

It’s hoped MDMA, the active ingredient in the recreational drug ecstasy, can be used to help reduce fearful reactions in PTSD sufferers.