Boulder: Two More Subjects Treated; Enrollment Completed; Subject Speaks on NPR

On August 21 and 31, 2015, subjects 20 and 21 out of 23 were treated in our ongoing study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for subjects with PTSD from sexual assault, violent crime, war, natural disasters, or any other cause, taking place in Boulder, Colorado. Potential subjects 22 and 23 were enrolled on August 17 and 20. The September 2015 issue of Marie Claire magazine includes an in-depth feature article about the experiences of three women who benefited from MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD, including two from this study.

On September 13, NPR broadcast a special report including an interview with Brenda, a woman who overcame PTSD after participating in this study. Brenda shares how her life and relationships have changed after she received MDMA-assisted psychotherapy, and journalist Kelley McMillan speaks about what she learned during her investigative report on MDMA research. "Now, life is good,” Brenda told NPR. "Spending 35+ years suicidal was something I don’t wish on anyone. After six months in that study, I am not suicidal. I want to live.” We expect that the final subject will be treated in October 2015. Primary outcome data is anticipated to be available in December 2015, and the final results prepared for publication in late 2016.