FY 2015 Financial Report

MAPS Bulletin Winter 2015 Vol. 25, No. 3 – Annual Report

Fiscal Year 2014–15 (June 1, 2014–May 31, 2015)

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This year-end consolidated financial report from the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS) for Fiscal Year 2014–2015 (FY15) is a key element of our commitment to transparency in how MAPS prioritizes the allocation of the donations that it receives,. This report presents the consolidated financial information from MAPS and from the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MPBC), a 100% owned subsidiary that MAPS created in FY15. MPBC is discussed in a MAPS bulletin article, “Introducing the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation” (Vol. 25,#1, p. 4–5). Additional information on MPBC can be found at mapsbcorp.com There are currently about 2500 benefit corporations in the US, with MAPS proud to have added one to that number.

The mission of the MBPC is similar to that of MAPS but also includes managing the business of the manufacture and sale of MDMA and marijuana by prescription post-FDA approval. The goal of MPBC is to maximize social benefits while also earning a reasonable income on the sale of FDA-approved medications, a taxable activity that needs to take place outside a non-taxable, non-profit organization. The current work of the MBPC, funded by MAPS, is to conduct the research activities needed to develop psychedelics and marijuana into FDA-approved legal prescription treatments. Any profits earned by MPBC will be reinvested in the mission of MAPS and MPBC. The consolidated report presents a complete picture of income and expenses made possible by the support of donors to MAPS.

This Annual Financial Report for FY15 depicts our year-long focus on strategically leveraging resources that our donors have so generously empowered us to use towards realizing our shared purpose of transforming psychedelics and marijuana into FDA-approved prescription medications. The medicalization of psychedelics and marijuana is an essential part of our larger mission to facilitate the mainstreaming of psychedelics and marijuana into our culture for a wide range of beneficial uses.

As I write this report, we’re completing our independent audit of our financial information for the fifth consecutive year. MAPS’ financial reports, along with our audits, and tax forms can be found at maps.org/about/fiscal. If you have any questions about anything in this financial report, you are invited to inquire at askMAPS@maps.org.




MAPS’ net revenue in Fiscal Year 2015 (June 1, 2014–May 31, 2015) totaled $2.99 million from more than 2500 donors. This is more than MAPS raised in all but two previous years. In both of those years, MAPS also received very large unpredictable bequests ($5.5 million in FY12 from Ashawna Hailey and $1.9 million from Tim Butcher in FY14). The list of all of our donors who gave $120 or more is on pages 13–16. They and all of the other donors who gave less than $120 have collectively made it possible for MAPS to expand our research and educational efforts at a time of transformative opportunity. In FY15, 75% of MAPS’ income was from donations, 17% from net investment and interest, 4% from fiscal sponsorships, 3% from event registration, and 1% from sales net of cost of goods sold.

Expenditures in FY15 were $3.22 million, about $900,000 more than in FY14 which itself was more than in any previous year. The growth is expenditures is reflected in an expanded set of activities detailed in Chart 5, the largest being an expansion of research by over $600,0000 in just one year. Of MAPS’ expenses in FY15, 54% went for research, 22% for education, 15% for administration and 9% for fundraising.

MAPS and MPBC pays its staff salaries that are somewhat lower than market rates for the same positions in for-profit companies but provides 100% coverage of health care insurance premiums and retirement benefits. MAPS and MPBC have a full-time staff of 14 and a part-time staff of 7, not including quite a few therapists and other contractors working at our clinical research sites. As MAPS’ Executive Director, in FY15 I earned an annual salary of $75,000. Amy Emerson, Executive Director and Director of Clinical Research at MPBC, earned a salary of $121,000. Brad Burge, Director of Communications and Marketing, earned a salary of $65,000. Virginia Wright, Director of Development, earned a salary of $88,900.

In FY15, MAPS experienced a net reduction in assets of -$228,614, the first year since FY09 that MAPS’ assets declined. This relatively minor reduction in net assets is quite an accomplishment considering the increase in expenditures of over $900,000. Most importantly, MAPS made major progress in our research and educational mission. Net assets at the end of FY15 were $9.1 million. Our year-end assets include $5.2 million in the Board Restricted Ashawna Hailey Fund, which is reserved for our Phase 3 studies of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD; $800,000 restricted for our MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research coming from a prior donation/bequest from Dr. Richard Rockefeller; and about $200,000 restricted to various MDMA research projects.

Projections Fiscal Year 2015–16

In the coming fiscal year (FY16), we estimate spending over $4.6 million, more than in FY15 by about $1.4 million. This primarily reflects the increased costs associated with the full-speed ahead expansion of our MDMA/PTSD research on which we’ll spend about $2 million along with about $344,000 on other MDMA research into MDMA-assisted therapy in autistic adults with social anxiety and MDMA-assisted psychotherapy in people suffering from anxiety as a result of a life-threatening illness. In FY16, we’re planning to transition with all the wood behind the arrow from our international series of Phase 2 pilot studies to the pivotal multi-site Phase 3 studies required for FDA approval of prescription use, which our current timeline estimates will take place near the end of 2021. In FY16, we’re projecting total research expenses of just over $3 million (65%) and about $747,000 for our communications and public education programs, Zendo psychedelic harm reduction program, and fiscal sponsorships (16%), with about $859,000 for fundraising and administration (19%).

We currently project income of $2.35 million from anticipated donors, about $650,000 less than in FY15 due in large part to the assumption of no investment gains in our portfolio at the San Francisco Foundation in FY16 as compared to almost $500,000 in investment gains in FY15. Our fundraising efforts are directed at raising additional funds from new donors and from existing donors, but those new relationships are still in the process of coming to fruition. As a result, we’re not assuming income that’s speculative though we are working hard to increase our donor base. We’re anticipating a net reduction in assets by the end of FY16 of about $2.3 million, close to the amount of restricted
funds for MDMA research we’ve obtained in prior years that we will be spending in FY16. We currently project drawing down about $2.1 million of our temporarily restricted assets donated exclusively for expenditure on our MDMA research projects. Of that amount, $800,000 will be drawn from the funds donated by Dr. Richard Rockefeller, about $200,000 from a number of different donors, and about $1 million in expenses preparing for Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD research will be drawn from the Ashawna Hailey Fund.

We’re currently projecting a reduction in net assets to about $6.8 million at the end of Fiscal Year 2016. Although this is a substantial amount of money, it does not cover even one third of the $22.2 million we estimate we will need for completing our Phase 3 research required to transform MDMA-assisted psychotherapy into a prescription medicine for PTSD by 2021, nor does it cover any of our other research, educational and operational expenses which will be about $1.6 million in FY16. Expenses are projected to increase even more in FY17 as we anticipate starting Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD research, indicating the importance of substantially increasing our donor base.

Revenue Fiscal Year 2014–15

Of almost $3 million in total revenue from all sources in Fiscal Year 2015, total contributed revenue was just over $2.25 million. The majority (82%) came from roughly 37 individuals and family foundations. In addition to these large gifts, MAPS saw increases in both revenue and the number of donors at all giving levels; the number of donors giving $1,000 or more grew 45% to 121 and the number of donors grew 71% to 2,691; the overall renewal rate was 44% with monthly donors renewing at a 76% rate. ( See list of donors of $120 or more on page 13.)

Grants revenue of ($1.3M) was received from family foundations and donor advised funds, all cases where we have a strong relationship with the foundation family. We anticipate eventually also obtaining funding from the large, more staff-driven perpetual foundations once our Phase 2 MDMA/PTSD studies are complete and we’ve completed negotiations with FDA regarding the design and cost of our Phase 3 studies. In last year’s annual report, I mentioned a meeting with staff of the Wellcome Trust, the largest foundation in England with a major focus on neuroscience. We were discussing whether or not MAPS should submit a grant request. During our meeting, Wellcome Trust staff spoke about the “reputational risk” of supporting MDMA/PTSD research. I responded that it was a “reputational opportunity” but unfortunately wasn’t persuasive. Since that report, new Wellcome staff have permitted us to submit a grant application. Though one step closer, our grant request was rejected. Perhaps next time we can partner with Wellcome, after additional promising research papers have been published in scientific journals and we’ve begun conducting Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD studies. We will continue to develop relationships with foundation staff until then. For now, MAPS’ support comes from courageous and visionary individuals and family foundations who can see the value of working to conduct pioneering FDA-regulated scientific research into the therapeutic and spiritual potential of psychedelics and marijuana.

Our crowdfunding campaigns in FY15 exceeded expectations. After raising $2,500 through Causes three years ago in our first campaign, this year we raised almost $142,000 through Indiegogo for our Legalizing Psychedelic Therapy campaign, with funds allocated to our MDMA/PTSD Phase 2 pilot studies. In addition, MAPS received an unexpected donation of $82,795 from reddit after being voted by reddit users as 6th of the 10 most popular non-profit groups during the campaign period (Erowid was #4).

MAPS’s long-term account for our assets, The Curing Fund, is managed by the San Francisco Foundation and is invested in the stock market. The Curing Fund began the fiscal year with a balance of $7,150,597. During Fiscal Year 2015, The Curing Fund’s investment activity, net of fees, resulted in a 7.2% or $483,663 increase in net assets. There were no new contributions during the fiscal year and one withdrawal ($900,000) to fund the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation’s research program for FY15 and part of FY16. Net of this withdrawal, total invested capital at fiscal year-end was $6,714,250. At the time of this writing, the stock market has declined about 4% since the close of FY15.

Our fiscal sponsorship program had gross revenue ($119,564), an average 5% administrative fee charged, and the balance disbursed to projects that are in alignment with MAPS’ vision and mission.

Product sales and event registrations are each less than 1% of our revenue, but remain important aspects of our work as the income offsets the costs of events and products, which serve to draw new supporters, strengthen our relationships to current donors, and promote our message.


In Fiscal Year 2015, program costs totaled 76% of all expenses. Programs include Research expenses of $1,751,351 (54%), Education expenses of $568,160 which includes Harm Reduction of $101,691 and Fiscal Sponsorships of $112,901 (21%). Fundraising expenses were $301,499 (9%) and Administrative expenses were $489,777 (15%).

Our primary expenditure in FY15 was research into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy with expenses of $1,691,308, of which $1,420,629 was spent on Phase 2 research into MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD and associated projects and preparation for Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD research. We also continued our study looking at the safety and efficacy of using MDMA-assisted therapy for anxiety in adults on the autism spectrum ($142,727), and began a study of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for end-of-life anxiety ($127,952). Both studies are expected to be completed by FY17.

During FY15, MAPS made major progress toward completing our international series of Phase 2 MDMA/PTSD pilot studies. In addition to our core MDMA/PTSD drug development research, this fiscal year we continued to prepare a series of studies in collaboration with researchers who work with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs’ National Center for PTSD, using MDMA along with more traditional methods for treating PTSD including Cognitive-Behavioral Conjoint Therapy (CBCT) and Prolonged Exposure (PE). In Fiscal Year 2015 we spent a total of $19,963 on these collaborative projects with substantial increases projected for FY16. These studies are possible because of the work of Dr. Richard Rockefeller who devoted his time and strategic wisdom in deepening MAPS’ relationships with the Department of Defense and Department of Veterans Affairs.

Over half our Clinical Research expenses are personnel costs. These include personnel at each study site, including the principal investigators, co-investigators, independent raters, overnight physicians, attendant, and study coordinators as well as MAPS internal staff, including the clinical director, research associates, information specials, data coordinators and statistical analysis.

Ibogaine research ($9,709) expenses in Fiscal Year 2015 were dedicated to completing our studies in Mexico ($5,234), and New Zealand ($4,475). Scientific papers about the results of these studies are in the process of being finalized.

LSD research expenses ($2,142) were primarily used for completing our submissions to FDA and Swiss Medic for our LSD/life-threatening illness anxiety study.

Marijuana research expenses totaled ($44,991). Of that amount, $42,957 covered the costs of MAPS staff working with Dr. Sue Sisley, Marcel Bonn-Miller, Ph.D., Ryan Vandrey, Ph.D., Dr. Paula Riggs, and others, to develop and obtain approval for the protocol for a pilot study in which marijuana will be tested to manage PTSD symptoms in 76 veterans with treatment-resistant PTSD. Half of the subjects will be treated at Johns Hopkins University and half will be treated in Phoenix, Arizona. These costs also included preparing our successful grant applicat
ion for $2.15 million to the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment awarded on February 18, 2015 but contingent on our obtaining all regulatory approvals. We expect the new study to begin in early 2016, as we wait for final approval from the DEA with approvals already obtained from FDA, Public Health Service (PHS), National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Johns Hopkins IRB, UPenn IRB, and the Copernicus IRB. MAPS has worked since 1991 trying to start medical marijuana drug development research with this study being the first for which we will be able to obtain all the necessary regulatory approvals and marijuana sold to us from the NIDA monopoly. MAPS also spent $1,736 exploring the possibility of marijuana/PTSD research collaborations with Israeli physicians and scientists but we decided not to proceed at this time so we could focus on our US research study which is moving forward.

Education ($282,516) expenses include, events, publications and communications programs, and psychedelic harm reduction.

Communications include active engagement in public education through media contact and through social media, publishing three MAPS Bulletins (the Summer 2014 Research Edition, the Winter 2014 Annual Report, and the Spring 2015 Special Edition on Psychedelics and Policy) and 12 Email Newsletters. We also maintained maps.org, mdmaptsd.org, mapscanada.org, psychedelicscience.org, and launched mdma-autism.org and assisted the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation in launching mapsbcorp.com. We also prepared publication of Stanislav Grof’s new book, Modern Consciousness Research and the Understanding of Art including the Visionary World of H.R. Giger, which was published shortly after the close of the fiscal year.

MAPS saw significant growth in coverage of its work in social, online, and traditional media in Fiscal Year 2015:

Facebook: New Likes increased 53% compared to the previous year; at the end of the fiscal year, MAPS had 137,277 Likes. Twitter: Followers increased 58%, to 27,099.

reddit: MAPS reached the front page of reddit.com during the official MAPS Ask Me Anything (AMA) session, and also organized an AMA with MDMA-assisted psychotherapy study participant CJ Hardin.

MAPS also received 515 unique media mentions from online and print publications with significant reach in Fiscal Year 2015, up 49% from the prior year. Mentions do not include reprints of the same article in different media, and ranged from full stories to inclusion of MAPS’ name. Media outlets include the Washington Post, The New York Times, The San Francisco Chronicle, Reason, Forbes, CNN, Playboy, Nature, Time, Associated Press, FOX News, MSNBC, Military Times, Playboy, Al Jazeera America, Engadget, Nonprofit Quarterly, The Lancet, British Journal of Psychiatry, C-SPAN2, and more. For a full media list, see maps.org/media.

MAPS’ educational expenditures was spent on MAPS-produced events on psychedelic and marijuana research and on events that others produced at which MAPS provides speakers, exhibits, sales of books and MAPS Bulletins, and distribution of clinical protocols and articles from peer-reviewed journals in order to share recent findings and motivate and inspire existing and new support. Our largest expense on events was $67,466 that was spent on a series of MAPS-sponsored lectures and a breathwork workshop offered by Dr. Stan Grof throughout Israel during March 2015. Two-thirds of these costs ($46,498) were offset by income from the sale of registrations with new connections we made that are likely to generate substantial additional donations. Stan’s travels through Israel also provided us with the opportunity to educate Israelis about our MDMA/PTSD study which enabled us to increase enrollment in our study. One of the most notable events organized by others that MAPS attended was the annual conference of the American Psychiatric Association which took place in Toronto in May 2015. The APA conference included a 3-hour presentation on psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy and a MAPS table in the exhibit hall where we were the only non-profit pharmaceutical company in a sea of Big Pharma.

Our Zendo Project psychedelic harm reduction program ($101,691) provided services at five major festivals in Fiscal Year 2015: Burning Man (Black Rock City, NV), Envision (Costa Rica), AfrikaBurn (South Africa), Oregon Country Fair (Eugene, OR), Lucidity (Santa Barbara, CA), and Lightning in a Bottle (Bradley, CA). We’re building awareness and support for the provision of psychedelic harm reduction services by promoters at events and venues in the US around the world. We’re also educating the public about the need to amend the Rave Act which criminalizes psychedelic harm reduction and intimidates festival organizers and venue owners even though it hasn’t been enforced. The Zendo Project is part of our effort to reduce fears about and potential backlash to the eventual FDA approval of the prescription use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy.

We also spent $27,339 on our educational efforts to end the Public Health Service (PHS) medical marijuana protocol review process (which was ended by HHS on June 17, 2015) and on ending the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) monopoly of the sale of marijuana for clinical research (which hasn’t ended yet). In FY16, MAPS will work with Prof. Lyle Craker, UMass Amherst, to submit a new application to DEA for a license to grow marijuana exclusively for federally-regulated research.

MAPS continued its long-running Fiscal Sponsorship program ($112,901.)This program supports projects that are in alignment with MAPS’ mission and vision by offering donors a way to give to a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (see Note 1, page 6). MAPS monitors the project budget, takes a small fee, and sends the donor a receipt for their contribution.

Fundraising expenses were $301,499. Of that amount, $215,358 are primarily for staff , mail and delivery, donor research and database costs, another $46,627 is the cost of campaigns including premiums for crowd funding and other efforts, with fundraising events ($32,781), and travel and lodging for individual donor visits ($6,733).

Operations ($489,777) are the unglamorous but necessary unallocated expenses of staffing, occupancy, taxes, fees, accounting, information technology, equipment, supplies and postage. This fiscal year, operations also included a one-time legal and accounting charge of $42,817 for legal and accounting assistance with structuring and implementation of the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation. Without this one-time expense, Operations would have been $446,960, or just under 14% of expenses.

Phase 2 and Phase 3: Long Term Planning

The charts on pages 11–12 show the actual and projected expenses for each of our Phase 2 studies of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD. Phase 2 MDMA/PTSD costs peaked in FY15 and have started to decline as we begin preparing for our Phase 3 MDMA/PTSD studies. The completion of our Phase 2 studies will provide us with the data from over 100 subjects with PTSD for an End-of-Phase 2 meeting with the FDA in the first half of 2016. The purpose of this meeting is to come to an agreement about the design of our Phase 3 multi-site MDMA/PTSD studies. Once we have FDA approval for the design of Phase 3, our MDMA/PTSD Phase 3 cost projections will be updated and the path forward will be even clearer.

The MAPS Public Benefit Corporation and Sustainable Business Development

In December of 2014, the MAPS board of directors authorized the creation of the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MPBC), a Delaware Benefit Corporation as part of its long term strategy to create a sustainable non-profit. This new entity currently houses MAPS’ clinical research efforts and will play a pivotal role in the eventual commercialization of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy—now projected for FDA approval in 2021. As part of the Benefit Corporation’s purpose, all profits generated fr
om the sale of MDMA for use in MDMA-assisted psychotherapy (and the eventual FDA approval of the prescription use of any other psychedelics and marijuana) will be used to continue research and education projects consistent with MAPS’ mission. As MAPS enters its 30th year and begins preparations for Phase 3 studies, we present this financial report for your review along with an appeal to existing MAPS donors for continued support and an appeal for new support from those who feel ready to become part of this collaborative evolutionary process.

MAPS Fiscal Year 2014–2015 Donors

These pledges and donations were made between June 1, 2014 and May 31, 2015. Our gratitude goes to all those who contributed to make this work possible. We share this list in part to show that a community has gathered together to make a difference.

$50,000 & ABOVE

The Libra Foundation $600,000
Riverstyx Foundation $270,000
Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps $200,000
Joseph Pritzker $200,000
John Gilmore $90,000
reddit $82,795.65
Mental Insight Foundation $80,000
Adam Wiggins $60,000
George Goldsmith & Katya Malievskaia $50,000


Steve Chapman $20,550
Max & Elena Talan $15,620
Dixie Brands, Inc $15,000
Neva Goodwin $15,000
The George Sarlo Foundation $15,000
William F. Harrison $11,000
Ian Brown $10,125
Britt Selvitelle $10,000
David Rockefeller Fund $10,000
Fridrik Stein Kristjansson $10,000
Funk Sac, LLC $10,000
Hilary Silver $10,000
June & Lee Stein $10,000
Philip Jensen $10,000
William N. Melton Fund $10,000


Anonymous $7,584.68
Giancarlo Canavesio $6,000
Sir Ivan and his Peaceman Foundation $6,000
Carolyn Mary Kleefeld $5,500
Julie Holland $5,491.4
Devera & Michael Witkin $5,359.82
Jared Luxenberg $5,311
John A Berg $5,300
Alexander Haskell $5,000
Bailey Gimbel $5,000
Clare Pierson & Peter Humphrey $5,000
Joshua Mailman Foundation, Inc. $5,000
René and Susan Mosher Ruiz, Ph.D. $5,000
Rodney Garcia $5,000
Roland Wiederaenders $5,000
Surna, Inc. $5,000
Anonymous $4,723.5
Michael & Anita Siegal Family Foundation $4,000
T. Cody Swift $4,000
Donald Mack $3,550
McKee Colsman $3,550
Jeremy Tarcher $3,500
Anne F. St Goar $3,000
Arthur Sarkisian $3,000
Sam Hummel, Jr. $3,000
Anonymous $3,000
Patricia Beck Phillips Foundation $2,800
Anonymous $2,700
Robert Barnhart $2,650
James Fournier $2,500
John Buchanan $2,500
John Heilemann $2,500
Livingry Foundation $2,500
Dan Mottsman $2,400
Dean Edell $2,140
AB Resources, LLC $2,000
Ben Warner $2,000
Constance & H. Roemer McPhee $2,000
Mack Fuhrer $2,000
Thomas Heath $2,000
Kip Greenleaf Beckford $1,808
Christian Sederberg $1,750
Neil & Elena Boyer $1,564.4
Christopher Lindstrom $1,500
Terry Turner $1,440
Derek Calder $1,300
Elizabeth Davis $1,300
Nori Muster $1,300
Tahoe Wellness Cooperative $1,300
Joakim Arfvidsson $1,250
Matt Hite $1,250
Erica Siegal $1,236
Ann Arbor Wellness Collective $1,100
CannaCruz, Inc. $1,100
Florence Kuhlmann $1,100
Marty Jakle $1,100
Anonymous $1,100
Ashley Booth $1,071
Sean Kiernan $1,054.16
Ivan & Ann Kruglak $1,050
Aaron Loehr $1,000
Aditya Prasad $1,000
Alexander Banach $1,000
Anthony & Ingrid Lombardino $1,000
Benjamin M. Lee $1,000
Dan Girellini $1,000
Eileen Rockefeller Growald $1,000
Eric Dubiel $1,000
Anonymous $1,000
Greg Alto $1,000
Jerry Greenfield $1,000
Julia Winiarski $1,000
Larry & Rebecca Brucia $1,000
Leigh Marz & Michael Ziegler $1,000
Lucas Jushinski $1,000
Lucinda Ziesing $1,000
Marian S. Pillsbury $1,000
Mary Jane Otte $1,000
Matthew London & Sylvia Wen Fund $1,000
Mile High Real Estate LLC $1,000
Morton & Arline Doblin $1,000
Neal Marshall Goldsmith $1,000
Pam & Don Lichty $1,000
Peter Taubkin $1,000
Rebecca R. Lambert $1,000
Robert Gansser $1,000
Scott Meyer $1,000
Stephanie & John Koraleski $1,000
Stephanie Hamborsky $1,000
Steven Rooke $1,000
Threyda LLC $1,000
Tom Lehrer $1,000
Ulrich Buddemeier $1,000
Valeria Harris $1,000


AmazonSmile Foundation
Ben Sessa
Brett Mouser
Chris McKulka
Jacob Perkins
Mark Hines & Tiffany
Peter Glynn
Seabrook Leaf
Shane Mitchel


Aaron Claman
Adam Eidinger
Adrian Scharfetter
Alan Kooi Davis
Alex Lewin Charitable Fund
Amory Fay
Andrew Tatarsky, Ph.D.
Andrey Kalashnikov
Atila Seke
Berkeley Patients Group
Callum D George
Carl D. Luenser
Chad Lester
Christopher W. Woods
Dan Steinberg
David Friedman
Elizabeth Skelsey
Erin O’Keefe
Galen Ballentine
Gary Bacon
Gregory Artim
High Mountain Health
James Booth
James Ginther
James Heath
Jani Kajanoja
Jeff Kelly
Jennifer Keith
Jesse Bork
Jessie Shaw
Joel Kubby & Laura Parks
John Dwork
Joseph & Nancy Pearl
Kevin Egelston
Khris Loux
Leander Fortmann
Leo Figgs
Lucy Khoury
Lynn Wasser
Magaly Mauer
Marc Vaccaro
Marilyn Robie & Arthur Shechet
Mark Smith
Marsha Rosenbaum
Mary Catherine Ford
Mary S. Newton
Michael & Ashley Seymour
Michael J Nichols
Michael Montagne
Natalie Slect
New College of Florida
Nolan Williams
Paul Kuhn, Jr.
Paul Ryder
Payam Panbechi
Peter Speek
Philip Wolfson
Plein Family Charitable Trust
Richard Ebanks
Richard Louis Miller
Robb Allan
Robert Anton Patterson
Robert Bienstock
Robert Shaw
Robert Stewart
Ruzsa Balázs
Scott Shannon
Scott Teitsworth
Sean Anklam
Susan P. Robbins
Taco Van Ieperen
Takoma Wellness Center
Thomas Bowler
Vanja Palmers
Will Fowler


Adam Kahn
Adelaide Nye
Alessandro Bruni
Alexandr Zubov
Alyssa Verano
Andrew Skinner
Annette Geldzahler
Anthony Giacalone
Arlene Lindberg
Barbara Kline
Benjamin Broder
Benjamin de Waal
Benjamin O’Connor
Benjamin Ridgway
Bright Funds Foundation
Bruce Doblin
Bruce Johnson
Bryon Adinoff
Caitlin Kliesmet
Carla Lilley
Carmen Gómez
Carone Cobden
Carrie Johnson
Charles Glynn
Christopher James Hewitt
Christopher Torres
Conal & Holly
Conal Elliott
Crystal & Keith MacAllum
Dan Whipple
Daniel Svensson
Daniel Zuhlke
Darius Jaeger Farraye
David & Christel Lukoff
David Ethan Trooskin-Zoller
David Markun
David Presti
David Wedding Dress
David Wilcock
Diane Winter
Donna Dryer & Richard Yensen
Doris Kornish
Edmund Higgins
Elise & Gerald Lazar
Elizabeth Matthews
Ellen Baum & Jeff Fischer
Eric & Jubilee Daniels
Eric Blossom
George Crosby
Giorgio Rossi
Henry Gambell
James Drew A. Bennie
James Ferrari
James S. Campbell
James Youngblood
Janis Phelps
Jeff Mease
Jeh Cranfill
Jeromey Popa
Jessica Nielson
Jody Fitt
John & Kelly Holderman
John G. Chase
John Jenkins
John Noble
Johns Wu
Judith Haran
Judy Wicks
Justin Kirkland
Keiko Tamai
Keith Rinzler
Kenneth Tupper
Kevin Berglund
Larry Schor
Laura Mosbacker
Lex Pelger
Mark Crosby
Mark Yablonovich
Mark Zaiser
Matthew Meyer
Michael Keenan
Michael Mooney
Michael Shafer
Mikeal No-Line
Nancy Bayer Perman
Nathan Pate
Pamela Stockton
Patricia Savant
Paul Caloia
Ray Hale
Richard Marchese
Robert Cezar Matei
Roger Håland
Ryan Pearl
Ryan Phelan
Sean Purser-Haskell
Shawn Marquis
Silvia Polivoy
Stephen Eric Sienknecht
Steve Levine
Steven Klein & Kristine Penner Klein
Stuart Martin
Thomas Boucher
Thomas Brod
Thomas Martin Christensen
Tom & Alexa Robbins
Tom Maher
Toni Starr
Virginia & Jeffrey Tobey
Vlad Tsyrklevich
William Biltz
Winifred Veronda
Yevgeniy Gelfand


A. Nicole Ivey
Aaron Daniel Maybury
Aaron Gelner
Adrian Graff
AJ Arriola
Alan Ashbaugh
Alan Davis
Alessandro Petrucci
Alessandro Rossi
Alex Wied
Alexandra L. Kutik
Ali Mitchell
Alice Bain
Alison Laytham
Altruist LLC
Amanda Clearwater
Amy Emerson
Amy Hardy
Andrea Langlois
Andrew Nicholls
Andrew Stone
Anil Desai
Armand De Grenier
Artemis Capella
Barbara Whitfield
Barry A. Roberts
Barry Klein
Benjamin Kraus
Benson Management Services LLC
Betty King
Bill O’Donnell
Bob Lamonica
Brad Burge
Brad Cready
Brandon Beatty
Brendan McCann
Brett Fitzcharles
Brian Banks
Brian Gast
Bruce & Karen Sewick
Bruce Denton Poulter
Cameron Carpenter
Cara Jeanne Dawson
Carl Resnikoff
Carol Benton
Caroline Erolin
Caroline Segre
Charles Hayes
Charles Ream
Chris Bache
Chris Butson
Chris Mays
Christine Ziemer
Christopher Baker
Christy Burback
Claude Hohl
Constantin Vaisberg
Craig Heacock
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