Marijuana for PTSD: Dr. Sue Sisley Speaks to American Legion about Barriers to Research

On February 20, 2016, Sue Sisley, M.D., gave a presentation to commissioners of the American Legion in Washington, D.C., about MAPS’ efforts to initiate our clinical trial of medical marijuana for PTSD in U.S. veterans. The talk, titled “Barriers to Researching Medicinal Marijuana,” was presented to the American Legion’s Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation Commission, TBI and PTSD Committee, as part of their 2016 conference. “I have heard great feedback from the American Legion commissioners who attended saying they felt that it was incredibly successful,” reports Dr. Sisley. “They did not believe any issue related to marijuana would be so warmly embraced. They kept thanking me for opening their eyes to a very legitimate injustice of science being shackled by politics.”