Liesenfeld Media: Psychedelic Therapy – Psycholyse (Video)

Summary: Psychedelic Therapy – Psycholyse is a new documentary that explores how a variety of approaches to psychedelic therapy can help treat many different mental health issues around the world. "My perspective is that there are few treatments for PTSD that are effective enough to treat the massive numbers of people with PTSD in this culture,” explains MAPS Public Benefit Corporation Clinical Research Associate Ben Shechet. "I think MDMA promises a simpler and quicker road to recovery than currently available options."

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Liesenfeld Media – What is psychedelic therapy? Psychedelic therapy is a psychotherapeutic method of treatment that uses so-called substances – Nowadays mainly chemical substances, such as LSD or MDMA. But in fact, the roots of psychedelic therapy reaches further back into the history of mankind. Thousands of years ago practically all primal societies used herbal substances to reach into altered states of consciousness.

These substances and rituals were kept by shamans and the former psychedelic therapies were – as far as we know today – a mix of tribal cult, healing ritual and worship.

Nowadays, virtually all psychotropic substances are banned worldwide, there are no more tribes and the ancient knowledge of shamanism fell into oblivion. Humanity is divided and more people than ever before are unhappy and sick.