Aubrey Marcus Podcast: Adam Strauss (Video)

Summary: Aubrey Marcus interviews comedian Adam Strauss about his experience overcoming obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) through a series of psychedelic experiences. The podcast covers Adam Strauss’s off-broadway show, The Mushroom Cure, a narrative exploring a collection of psychedelic experiences that helped Strauss overcome OCD. “The show, it’s called, The Mushroom Cure, it’s a completely true story and the sort of capsule version of it is I had very debilitating obsessive compulsive disorder for more than a decade. I had tried everything. I had been on over a dozen different prescription medications..nothing had helped,” explains Strauss. “Then I read a study in the journal of clinical psychiatry that showed that psilocybin actually seemed to have tremendous efficicacy with OCD. So, I embarked—as I say in my marketing—on a program of vigilante psychopharmacology. I tried to cure myself that way, really, out of desperation.”

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Comedian Adam Strauss talks about his off-broadway show, “The Mushroom Cure” based on his adventures in curing OCD with psychedelic medicine.