Mikedelic Podcast: Sara Gael, M.A. – The Zendo Project | Psychedelic Harm Reduction (Podcast)

Summary: The Mikedelic Podcast interviews Sara Gael of the Zendo Project about her experience providing psychedelic harm reduction for people undergoing difficult psychedelic experiences at large-scale festivals and events around the world.

Originally appearing here.

Sara Gael is the Harm Reduction Training and Education Coordinator for MAPS and The Director of The Zendo Project.

She focuses on bringing psychedelic education and harm reduction to festivals all around the world.

She is also a psychotherapist specializing in trauma and non-ordinary states of consciousness with a private practice in Boulder Colorado.

We talk about the important role the Zendo project plays helping people in the festival setting and beyond by integrating the philosophy of harm reduction and the importance of education.