October Giving Report: Support for the Future of Psychedelic Medicine

In October 2016, MAPS received nearly $372,000 in new donations and pledges from 313 supporters.

In the month of October, MAPS held its annual New York City fundraising dinner, the Future of Psychedelic Medicine. This event was held in conjunction with the Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics conference. The dinner was graciously hosted by Giancarlo and Stephanie Canavesio and raised nearly $83,000 for MAPS’ purchase of one kilogram of GMP MDMA to be used in our final Phase 3 studies exploring MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for the treatment of PTSD. The success of this event was thanks in part to a two-for-one matching grant from Laura and Ed Littlefield, who pledged to donate $40,000 if MAPS could raise $20,000 (which we more than managed to do!).

We witnessed some great connections and incredible generosity at the New York dinner, driven by a shared passion for the future of psychedelic medicine. We give special gratitude to our hosts, Giancarlo and Stephanie. You can read an interview with Giancarlo, co-producer of the 2013 documentary film Neurons to Nirvana, in our upcoming winter Bulletin. We also appreciate the presence of our host committee members: Maeve Rockefeller, Jim Apteker, Susan Brody, Sheila Burgel, Darren Fortunato, Stefanie Frank, Bailey Gimbel, Neal M. Goldsmith, Ph.D., Joshua Mailman, Rodrigo Niño, Daniel Pinchbeck, Patricia Steele, and Monica Winsor.

We extend a special thanks to those who so generously supported MAPS this past month:

General Support:

  • Emil Arfvidsson ($3,000)
  • Adam Strauss ($1,241)
  • Jerry Greenfield ($1,000)
  • Gary Heine ($1,000)
  • Dan Mottsman ($1,000)


  • Laura & Ed Littlefield ($40,000)
  • Rodrigo Niño ($10,000)
  • Maeve Rockefeller ($5,000)
  • Kevin Herbert ($5,000)
  • Giancarlo Canavesio ($1,000)
  • Scott Shannon ($1,000)
  • Patrick Vernon ($1,000)
  • Clifford Perlman ($1,000)

MDMA/PTSD Phase 3 Therapist Training Program:

  • Smart Family Foundation ($125,000)
  • William H. Donner Foundation ($55,000)

MDMA/PTSD Phase 3 Research:

  • Mental Insight Foundation ($50,000)
  • Social Venture Partners Portland ($25,000)

MDMA/End of Life Anxiety Study:

  • Mental Insight Foundation ($30,000)

Marijuana for PTSD:

  • Adam Denmark Cohen ($2,500)

Zendo Project:

  • Tyler Norris ($1,000)
  • Connor Hill ($1,000)

MAPS relies on the generosity of individual donors to achieve our mission. Psychedelic science is again being conducted under federal guidelines, but no funding for psychedelic psychotherapy research is yet available from governments or major foundations. Learn how to how to include MAPS in your will or estate plans. Learn more about hosting a Global Psychedelic Dinner to bring your community together in support of psychedelic science and medicine.

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