Retrain Your Brain, Transform Your Life – A Workshop of Self-Empowerment Based on the Principles of Holotropic Breathwork (Los Angeles, California)

October 14, 2017

From the event website:

This workshop will take place from 9:00AM – 6:00PM, in Venice, CA (Los Angeles Area). Early Registration Cost is $149.00 until 9/16/17. After 9/16/17, cost is $174 if space is still available.

This workshop uses the underlying principles of Holotropic Breathwork (as developed by Dr. Stan Grof) along with the latest breakthroughs in the science of perception, memory,  neuroscience/neuroplasticity, and quantum theory to give you the tools to transform every area of your life – relationships, health, work, finance, etc.

Just as in Holotropic Breathwork, the workshop will consist of three phases:  a) preparation; b) experiential, c) integration.  The integration piece will be applicable to all of your life experiences.

By the end of the day, you will come to a clear understanding, through lecture and experiential practices, of the answers to the following questions  Can I trust my memory?  Is what I perceive through my five senses actually really “out there?”  Can I “rewire my brain” to be more empowered in my life and open up new possibilities that I have never considered possible no matter how old I am?  and, if so, how?  Can I “change my past”? Do I ever have to be at the effect of what is going on around me in the world?  Can I create the life of my dreams starting from where I am right now?

At the completion of this workshop, you will have the tools to transform your life into one of creation, joy and self-empowerment in a systematic way on a day-to-day basis.

Note:  A one hour breathwork experience will be included as part of this workshop

For more information, visit the event website.