NBC Nightly News: Marijuana May Hold Promise for Veterans with PTSD (Video)

Summary: NBC Nightly News covers MAPS’ clinical trial researching the efficacy of smoked marijuana for treating veterans’ symptoms of PTSD. Veteran Roberto Pickering is interviewed about the growing number of veterans advocating for medical marijuana to treat symptoms of PTSD. MAPS-sponsored Principal Investigator Sue Sisley, M.D., is also interviewed about MAPS’ ongoing clinical trial of smoked marijuana as a treatment for PTSD symptoms. “I think we’re desperately seeking new treatments for PTSD,” explains Sisley. “We believe cannabis will reduce the severity of the PTSD symptoms.”

“They’re coming back from a war and, you know, they’re fighting a new war here in America and that war is a suicide and opioid epidemic,” explains Roberto Pickering, who was prescribed 14 different drugs for his PTSD. “I stopped all the pills cold turkey, and I picked up cannabis because in my opinion it was either find a relief or suicide.”

“A recent report funding by the VA found there is not enough hard evidence to make firm conclusions about the drug’s effectiveness,” explains Holt.

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