A Pilot Study of Psilocybin-Facilitated Smoking Cessation Treatment

Investigators. Matthew Johnson Ph.D., Roland Griffiths Ph.D., Annie Umbricht MD, Albert Garcia-Romeu Ph.D.
Sponsor: Beckley Foundation, Heffter Research Institute
Contact: Hillary Jackson, 410-550-5466
Status: Active and Recruiting


An initial phase of this study has already concluded; however, we are continuing on with a larger target sample size than what was used in the published results below:

Pilot Study of the 5-HT2AR Agonist Psilocybin in the Treatment of Tobacco Addiction


This study focuses on overcoming nicotine addiction in cigarette smokers. Psilocybin will be administered under highly supportive conditions to individuals who suffer drug dependence that has been resistant to treatment by conventional means. Participants will undergo several preparation meetings with session guides before two, day-long psilocybin sessions with a week’s gap between them. Participants will meet with session guides the day after each session and weekly for 3 weeks after the last psilocybin session. To maximise the benefits of this research, we will also be looking to test the proposal that hallucinogen-induced mystical experiences may boost the immune system and thereby have important implications for health and well-being, by measuring cytokine markers of immune function before the first and after the last psilocybin session.