Psychedelic Integration Workshop with Michael Pollan and Rick Doblin (Big Sur, California)

March 31 – April 5, 2019

From the event website:

Join author Michael Pollan, MAPS founder Rick Doblin, psychiatrist Julie Holland, neurobiologist David Presti, UK psychiatrist Ben Sessa, youth safety advocate Marsha Rosenbaum, Project CBD’s Martin A. Lee, Buddhist writer Allan Badiner, and special guests author James Fadiman and UC Berkeley psychiatrist Kristi Panik, as we explore the challenges and opportunities unique to this moment in history. Stanislav Grof, who lived and taught at Esalen for 14 years, will join us remotely to open the conversation.

This workshop provides an opportunity to hear the latest research findings as well as interactive sessions to explore new topics as they arise. Together we will examine the remarkable potential of these substances as tools for healing and self-discovery. Some sessions will be filmed.

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