Zendo Project Peer Support Training Workshop at the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (Wappinger, New York)

zendo cosm

June 29-30, 2019

From the event website:

zendo cosm

What can you do to help someone having a difficult psychedelic experience? What techniques are available for helping transform a potentially traumatic situation into a positive or even therapeutic one? Journey to the Chapel of Sacred Mirrors (CoSM) for a special weekend workshop focused on psychedelic peer support led by the Zendo Project.

Introduce yourself to tools and information on reducing potential risks of drug use and how to work with challenging experiences to create a platform for honest and responsible conversations about substance use. This training is designed for those who are interested in learning how to assist in difficult psychedelic experiences. We demonstrate that safe, productive psychedelic experiences are possible without the need for law enforcement-based prohibitionist policies. This is also an opportunity to connect with your community in an immersive workshop complete with role-playing, exercises for grounding and connection, and the opportunity to meet and develop relationships with your local community. Developed for peer counselors, educators, mental health clinicians, event producers, and individuals who are interested in volunteering for harm reduction organizations like the Zendo Project, creating their own grassroot peer support, or helping others experiencing psychedelic challenges.

For more information, visit the event website.