Encountering the Numinous: Expanded States of Consciousness, Depth Psychotherapy, Analysis and Psychedelics (San Francisco, California)

carl jung institute

November 16-17, 2019

From the event website:

carl jung institute

Ground-breaking research into the use of psychedelics has shown great therapeutic potential for the treatment of difficult conditions such as PTSD, end-of-life anxiety and other conditions. This “psychedelic renaissance” has also opened up new vistas of possibility for healthy individuals engaging with the ordinary challenges of daily life yet longing for greater spiritual depth and meaning. What has emerged is the recognition that the healing potential comes not from the drug alone, but from the powerful numinous experiences that often emerge from these expanded states of consciousness — occurring within the context of a secure relationship with a therapist/guide in a contained setting. We will be exploring how a depth psychological perspective has been incorporated into current FDA-approved clinical trials targeting those struggling with hard-to-treat conditions. Leading with a strong clinical focus, we will explore the possibilities inherent in this work as well as the potential hazards and difficulties that may emerge. Issues related to transcendence, the nature of consciousness, unconscious transference and counter-transference, shadow material, and the relationship between the ego, Self and numinous experiences will be discussed.

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