Psilocybin Mushrooms of California and Mexico: A Night With Alan Rockefeller (Oakland, California)


December 13, 2019

From the event website:


Are you Myco-Curious? Are you fascinated by mushrooms and wanting to learn more and meet others?

Join Mycologist Alan Rockefeller as he unveils his most recent discoveries and ongoing research on the identification of psilocybin mushrooms in North America and Mexico. It will include an overview of North American species, focusing on the species which occur in the San Francisco Bay area. We will learn important characteristics for accurate identification and how to spot poisonous look-alikes. You are invited to bring legal mushrooms for a hands-on discussion of how to identify mushrooms you encounter.

The Evening will open with a 20-minute presentation from Jahan Khamsehzadeh. Together we will explore the use of psilocybin across space and time in a variety of cultures from around the world and reflect on how they may have influenced human evolution.

Alan Rockefeller is a mycologist living in Oakland. He spends half the year hunting mushrooms in Mexico where he documents a wide variety of fungal species. His experience in the field has focuses on mushroom identification, DNA analysis, microscopy, and photography.

In the lab Alan sequences the DNA of mushrooms from all over the world, gaining new insights into existing species, discovering new ones and eliminating duplicates in the taxonomic record.

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