Women in Cannabis Survey

The Women in Cannabis Study, founded by Jennifer Whetzel and supported by partner Wholf Research and Consulting, is the first-ever global, comprehensive quantitative study on women in the cannabis industry that undertakes an effort to measure diversity and inclusion in an industry speculated to be currently worth $10 billion.

Questions in the 20-minute, 80-question survey seek to identify women as groups and individuals and amplify inclusivity for underserved or overlooked voices. Gender expression, race and ethnicity, sexuality, and whether women are veterans, or are able-bodied, or have the support and means to thrive in the Cannabis industry are the focus of the survey.

The impact from women and non-binary participants combined with industry-wide alliances can influence equity, inclusion and how women’s voices are heard in the cannabis and CBD industry through quarterly and annual. As a result of quarterly and annual reports, the study and industry thought leaders will be able to consider workable strategies and recommendations to benefit the entire industry.

The survey for the first quarterly study closes on February 15 and is slated to be announced/released in early March.

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