Psychedelic Training: Into the Transpersonal (Gabon, Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador)

April 2021

From the event website:

Integrating transpersonal psychotherapy, indigenous wisdom, and findings from modern consciousness research, the Psychedelic Therapy Training bets on the knowing that psychedelic revolution begins in psychedelic education, creating spaces where students can grow from inside beyond their own corners of knowledge; engaging in lived psychedelic experiences, experiential psychotherapy, pilgrimage to indigenous communities, and apprenticeship from leaders and pioneers in the clinical field.

The Psychedelic Therapy Training is a project from the non-profit ONCA that offers a hybrid residential-online three-year curriculum with a 1.200-hour intensity, divided by the online program and the residential intensives in indigenous territories: a Cofan reservation in the Amazon, a Bwiti village in Africa, and Wirikuta the peyote pilgrimage site in Mexico.

For more information, visit the event website.