Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit (Online)


November 10-12, 2020

From the event website:


The 3rd Annual Neuropsychiatric Drug Development Summit will return in December 2020 as an interactive, virtual meeting. This definitive industry meeting is focused on helping you develop the next generation of more clinically effective therapeutics.

With an emphasis on depressive disorders, schizophrenia, addiction and PTSD, this timely meeting provides a much-needed platform for industry and academic thought leaders to:

Dive into novel therapeutic approaches for PTSD with Aptinyx, Bionomics, Tonix & MAPS
Uncover the emergence of the next generation of anti-psychotics with Karuna Therapeutics, NeuroRx & Intra-cellular Therapeutics
Explore industry approaches for innovative trial design and new methods to modelling the placebo response with Novartis, Otsuka & Yale University
Hear how pioneering biotechs are spearheading drug development for substance use disorders with Opiant Pharmaceuticals & the NIDA
Learn how to advance neurophysiology and cognition translational biomarkers and be part of the drive towards precision medicine with Takeda & UT Southwestern
Uniting 60+ drug developers from all corners of the world, Neuropsychiatric Drug Development is your opportunity to discuss in depth how to push forward the frontiers of neuropsychiatric drug development to develop the next generation of more clinically effective therapeutics.

Attend the 2020 conference & join your online peers as we battle this unmet need.

For more information, visit the event website.