American Trip: Free Webinar with Ido Hartogsohn (Online)

September 12, 2020

From the event website:

Based on Ido Hartogsohn’s groundbreaking new book American Trip: Set, Setting and the Psychedelic Experience in the 20th Century (MIT Press, 2020), this webinar adds new depth to our understanding of the core psychedelic concept of set and setting by bringing it into historical and cultural context. The webinar will explore our evolving understanding of the concept of set and setting, and how shifting norms and ideas of Western culture have shaped and reshaped the psychedelic experience through the decades. While examining the historical and cultural forces that have shaped psychedelic experiences across space, time and culture, we will also explore novel perspectives that provide refreshing insight on the question, just what, after all, is at the core of the psychedelic experience?

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