March 2021 Giving Report: MAPS Raises Over $1.4 Million for Psychedelic Research and Education

In March 2021, we raised $1,403,917 in donations and pledges from over 1,250 supporters. Of this amount: $1,000,000 is for MAPS Israel; $351,205 is for general support; $50,183 is for psychedelic harm reduction and peer support; $2,269 is for MDMA-related projects; $250 is for ibogaine research; and $10 is for Health Equity.

We extend a special thank you to our monthly donors who contributed a total of $25,313 in March. Your support is vital in making our programs sustainable.

In addition to the funds raised in March, we gained support from 2 individuals in the form of a planned gift or bequest. These planned gifts were made with the help of FreeWill, a free online tool that allows US-based individuals to plan a legacy gift for the non-profit of their choosing.

We are honored to support a number of like-minded organizations by providing fiscal sponsorship so that contributions for their social benefit projects consistent with our mission may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. An additional $160,504 was raised by organizations that we fiscally sponsor including: Enthea ($105,000); Instituto Phaneros ($50,000); Empyrean Temple ($2,351); EntheoWheel ($1,000); Cosmic Sister ($505); Psykia Institute ($400); The Psychedelic Therapist ($295); ICEERS ($240); Ayahuasca Foundation ($200); Bluelight ($185); How We Heal ($100); Somatic Center Portland ($100); The Psychedelic Renaissance ($66); MAPS Canada ($40); Better Living Through Chemistry ($20); Kahpi ($2).

We appreciate donations of any size and are particularly grateful to the following supporters for their generous contributions of $1,000 or more:


Anonymous ($250,000)

Ethan Devine ($10,933)

Anonymous ($10,000)

Maria Hoang ($7,500)

Jane Semel ($5,000)

Jim O’Shaughnessy ($5,000)

Buckmaster Foundation ($3,000)

Chan Currie Philanthropic Fund ($2,000)

MUD\WTR ($2,000)

Jonesy Collective ($1,995)

Nina Massinello ($1,500)

Adriana Pereira ($1,000)

Doug Robinson ($1,000)

Geoffrey Gibson ($1,000)

James Youngblood ($1,000)

Jiri Techet ($1,000)

Margaret Mellon Hitchcock Foundation ($1,000)

Patrick Smith ($1,000)

Robert Gansser ($1,000)

Ruby Tuesdae and Patrick Ely ($1,000)

Anonymous ($1,000)

Zendo Project/Harm Reduction

Jason Dorsett ($50,000)

MAPS Israel

Moshe Tov Kreps ($1,000,000)

Fiscal Sponsorship Grantees

Dr. Bronner’s Family Foundation ($100,000) – Enthea

James Michael Gutierrez, Lourenco Bustani, The Gutierrez Foundation ($50,000) – Instituto Phaneros

John Phelps ($5,000) – Enthea

Cody Swift, Miriam Volat, Riverstyx Foundation ($1,000) – EntheoWheel

Kevin Dow ($1,000) – Empyrean Temple