MDMA Therapy Training Program Update: May 2021

The MDMA Therapy Training Program reached monumental milestones this month.

On Friday, May 14, 2021, the training team officially welcomed the Summer Cohort. This cohort is our largest to date, with a total of 309 trainees currently enrolled. Trainees are joining from across the globe, including those from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America, and Europe. Trainees are based in 30 different states in the US. Equally significant are the number of scholarships awarded and the efforts of the training team to expand the reach of the training program. A total of 80 scholarships were allocated to eligible trainees, totaling $317,500. More than one-third of the cohort are practitioners of color. More than 25 trainers are supporting the Summer Cohort.

We are accepting applications for our fall 2021 cohort and future training cohorts. Please visit our training website to learn more about the MDMA Therapy Training Program. Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit our training application.

MAPS Health Equity Scholarships are available for the fall 2021 MDMA Therapy Training Cohort! Thanks to the MAPS Health Equity Fund, the MDMA Therapy Training Program is honored to offer a number of full and partial scholarships for tuition costs to eligible practitioners for the fall 2021 training. The MAPS Health Equity Scholarship is part of MAPS and MAPS PBC’s larger commitment to increasing inclusion and equity in our programs and advancing the initiatives outlined by the MAPS Health Equity Fund. Use the MAPS Health Equity Scholarship Application to apply. Applications are due June 30. Please visit our scholarship webpage for more information.