MDMA Therapy Training Program Update: July 2021

The Summer cohort for the MDMA Therapy Training Program is over halfway through the 14-week course. The cohort consists of 310 trainees.  

The Training Team is actively conducting admissions and registration for the Fall cohort and already has nearly 250 practitioners registered. The Health Equity scholarship program is underway and scholarship reviewers are evaluating candidates to receive half and full scholarships for the Fall training. Please visit our training website to learn more about the MDMA Therapy Training Program. Qualified applicants are encouraged to submit our training application. 

The MAPS PBC Associate Supervisor Training launched in July, with 17 new supervisors included in the 20-hour training that will run through September. The curriculum consists of synchronous Training Calls and asynchronous Video Case Review and reflection work. Associate Supervisors will be onboarded to supervise their first therapy pairs by Fall of 2021.

The MDMA Therapy Training Program will announce more details about their 2022 training plans in the coming months. Please sign up here for the training newsletter (form is at the bottom right of the page) and stay tuned for more updates.