Enrollment Continues in Open-Label, Phase 2, Multicenter Feasibility Study of Manualized MDMA-Assisted Therapy with an Optional fMRI Sub-Study Assessing Changes in Brain Activity in Subjects with PTSD in Europe

As of January 2022, sites in The Netherlands and the Czech Republic are continuing to enroll patients for our Phase 2 study, an optional fMRI sub-study assessing changes in brain activity in subjects with posttraumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).  There are up to 3 new sites in London, Berlin, and Hamburg expected to begin screening patients in the coming weeks.

MAPS Europe has recently confirmed the selection of a new site in Barcelona, Spain, which is expected to participate in this Phase 2 study starting in Q2 this year. 

The MAPS Europe team is also working to gain regulatory and ethical approval for the long-term follow-up (LTFU) study (MPELONG). The team recently received Conditional Approval from European regulators via the Voluntary Harmonisation Procedure (VHP). This protocol will be implemented in The Netherlands and Norway in the next few weeks.