December 2021 Giving Report: Donors Give Over $1.4 Million to Psychedelic Research and Education

In December 2021, over 1,950 donors gave $1,442,211 in donations and pledges. We are so grateful to these supporters who advance our shared vision of creating safe and legal opportunities for the beneficial uses of psychedelics.

Donors supported the following initiatives in December: general support ($1,402,088); MDMA-related projects ($28,824); harm reduction ($5,679); health equity ($5,370); and ibogaine research ($250).

We extend a special thank you to our community of 1,053 monthly donors who contributed a total of $45,438 in December. Your support is vital in making MAPS’ programs sustainable.

In December, 3 individuals included MAPS in their legacy planning in the form of a planned gift or bequest. These gifts were made with the help of FreeWill, a free online tool that allows US-based individuals to plan a legacy gift for the non-profit of their choosing.

MAPS is honored to support a number of mission-aligned organizations by providing fiscal sponsorship so that contributions for their social benefit projects may be tax-deductible as allowed by law. An additional $235,258 was donated to organizations that MAPS fiscally sponsors including: Ligare ($175,000); Brooklyn Psychedelic Society ($35,600); North Star Project ($20,425); Alma Institute ($4,600); ICEERS ($4,386); People of Color Psychedelic Collective ($2,295); Ayahuasca Foundation ($1,370); Empyrean Temple ($835); Pearl Psychedelic Institute ($725); MAPS Canada ($20); and Kahpi ($2).


We recognize that, for many of our supporters, the inspiration to support psychedelic science and education is close to their hearts. We are grateful to honor these special connections. December honorees include:

Alan Gucciardo (in memory)

Annie Polisano

Bear (in memory)

Carey Chisholm (in memory)

Center for Behavioral Health/Veterans

Charles Phillips (in memory)

Dan Whipple

Dil Bahadur Chettri

Jacob Voges

Jade Ullmann

James Moser

Jill and Tom Benton

Joseph Norman Feuer (in memory)

Justin Fox (in memory)

Kelvin Lynn (in memory)

Michael Otterman

Nina Doeff

Oscar Kline

Philip Ferrucci (in memory)

Pili Bernabeu

Rick Doblin

Scott and Suze Shannon

Simon L. Baker (in memory)

Thomas Mattson (in memory)


We appreciate donations of any size and are particularly grateful to the following supporters for their generous contributions of $1,000 or more:


atai Life Sciences ($500,000)

Robert Horwitz and Cathy Redlich ($100,000)

Jeremy Gardner ($50,324)

David Golob ($50,000)

David and Meg Roth ($30,000)

MobileCoin Inc. ($30,000)

Josh McFarland ($25,000)

FungiNFT ($23,616)

Ashley Gordon ($20,000)

Payam Panbechi ($19,864)

Stoned Ape Crew ($16,822)

Lopker Family Foundation ($15,000)

Founders Pledge ($12,923)

Andrew Wiggins ($10,000)

Caufield Family Foundation ($10,000)

Charles B. Irvin ($10,000)

David Adrian Garcia ($10,000)

Eugene Lee and Jisun Rhee ($10,000)

Michael Bestvina ($10,000)

Robert Tod Chubrich ($10,000)

Samuel Smith ($10,000)

Samwell Freeman ($10,000)

Anonymous ($10,000)

Anonymous ($9,224)

Jeneye Abele and Eric Warner ($7,500)

Connor Grooms ($6,000)

Scott Lenz ($5,947)

Andrew Flockhart ($5,000)

Benjamin Littauer ($5,000)

Frank Kienast ($5,000)

Hilary Silver ($5,000)

Jason Robbins ($5,000)

Jerome M Cohen Foundation ($5,000)

John Heilemann ($5,000)

Laurie Corral ($5,000)

Leon Trefler ($5,000)

Maeve Rockefeller ($5,000)

Padosi Foundation ($5,000)

Patricia Ahumada and Tip Paul ($5,000)

Rachel Hamilton ($5,000)

Rebecca Wood ($5,000)

Scott Kroha ($5,000)

TJT III Gifting Foundation ($5,000)

Vincent Family Foundation, Lyle and Dong Vincent ($5,000)

Wesley Shelmire ($5,000)

Macdonald Hawley ($4,000)

Anonymous ($3,556)

Daniel Rassi ($3,534)

Michael McPhee ($3,500)

Gilles Gade ($3,400)

Aaron Cardon ($3,000)

Buckmaster Foundation ($3,000)

Cynthia Faatz ($3,000)

Erik Bouchard ($3,000) in honor of Dil Bahadur Chettri

Jack Nguy ($3,000)

Jon Kiesling ($3,000)

Ryan McMurtrie ($3,000)

Douglas Sterling ($2,957)

Anonymous ($2,574)

Anna Van Tuinen ($2,500)

Ba Minuzzi ($2,500)

Melvin C Draft Family Foundation ($2,500)

Michael Pollan and Judith Belzer ($2,500)

Michael and Danielle Wrather ($2,500)

Christopher and Deborah Baker ($2,105) in memory of Simon L. Baker

Angela Mercy ($2,000)

Cemre Gungor ($2,000)

Dan Hogan ($2,000)

Greg and Stephanie Boyd ($2,000)

John and Riley Pfeiffer ($2,000)

Michael Rice ($2,000)

Michael Shields ($2,000)

MUD\WTR ($2,000)

Rupp Household ($2,000)

Ryan Egan ($2,000)

Tom Link and Kristi Kremers ($2,000)

Trois Coeurs Foundation ($2,000)

William Schlamp ($2,000)

Alan Bader ($1,800)

Jonathan Satovsky ($1,800)

Mark McNary ($1,637)

Andrew Bray ($1,500)

Brad Kopitz ($1,500)

Fred Kang ($1,500)

John Lochridge ($1,500)

Michael Craig ($1,500)

New Wave Design and Verification ($1,500) in honor of Jacob Voges

Kim Tonge ($1,500)

Marlena Sloss ($1,500)

Gray Gannaway ($1,400)

Jonathan and Robin Painter ($1,250)

Paula Ruch ($1,250)

Anonymous ($1,201)

Carla Bagdonas ($1,200)

James Polisano ($1,200) in honor of Annie Polisano

Vincent Franze ($1,100)

Anonymous ($1,100)

Paul and Kristina Eklund ($1,080)

Alan Cooney ($1,000)

Allen Lavee ($1,000)

Bessel A. Van Der Kolk ($1,000)

Beth Kelly ($1,000)

Brett Ulrich ($1,000)

Cappy Culicchia ($1,000)

Celeste and Robert Kling ($1,000)

Chris and Monica Graff ($1,000)

Coe Hennessy ($1,000)

Craig Sanders ($1,000)

Dale Miller ($1,000)

Daniel Edwards ($1,000)

Daniel Littauer ($1,000)

Eli Kolp ($1,000)

Emily Maier ($1,000)

Fabrice Penot ($1,000)

Flip Croft-Caderao ($1,000)

Funnelbox ($1,000)

Isabel and Scott Draves ($1,000)

Jack Swain and Natalie Wolff ($1,000)

Jerod Scott ($1,000)

Jiri Techet ($1,000)

Joanna Kulesa ($1,000)

John Larkin ($1,000)

John O’Hara ($1,000)

Jordan Swartz ($1,000)

Keith McCoy ($1,000)

Kenneth Ryan ($1,000)

Laney and Pasha Thornton Foundation ($1,000)

Lenny and Elizabeth Gibson ($1,000)

Leonard and Vivian Lehmann ($1,000)

Madeline Farver Berky ($1,000)

Marc Gunther and Karen Schneider ($1,000)

Mark S. Smith ($1,000)

Martha Stampfer ($1,000)

MentorMore Foundation ($1,000)

Michael and Annie Falk Foundation ($1,000)

Michael Pollan and Judith Belzer ($1,000)

Nancy and Jonathan Whitley ($1,000)

Nasim Thompson ($1,000)

Richard and Lauren Krulik ($1,000)

Richard Louis Miller ($1,000)

Shalom Kaiser ($1,000)

Sharon and Dean Edell ($1,000)

Shelby Nordhagen ($1,000)

Terry Neavin ($1,000)

Tom Litle ($1,000)

Wes Thompson ($1,000)

Whitcomb Schrage Family ($1,000)

Anonymous ($1,000)

Anonymous ($1,000)

Anonymous ($1,000)

MDMA Research

Coltrane C. Lord ($15,000)

Kao Family Charitable Fund ($10,000)

Steven Weinstein and Marcia Meislin ($1,000)

Health Equity

Simon-Strauss Foundation ($5,000)

Harm Reduction

Payam Panbechi ($5,556)

Fiscal Sponsorship

Anonymous ($175,000) – Ligare

Anonymous ($35,000) – Brooklyn Psychedelic Society

Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps ($10,000) – North Star Project

Paul Mandabach and Oriella Iriani ($10,000) – North Star Project

Gregory Kieser ($4,000) – Alma Institute

Jason Bushman ($2,500) – ICEERS

Anonymous ($1,575) – People of Color Psychedelic Collective

Alan Hutchins ($1,000) – ICEERS Michael and Annie Falk Foundation ($1,000) – Ayahuasca Foundation

MAPS relies on the generosity of individual donors to achieve its mission. Psychedelic science is again being conducted under federal guidelines, but no funding for psychedelic therapy research is yet available from governments or major foundations. 

Together, we can legalize psychedelic medicine. Donate now at how to include MAPS in your will or estate plans.