Enrollment Continues for Investigator-Initiated Trials

Dr. Shannon Remick, Dr. Allie Kaigle, and a team of researchers at the Veterans Affairs (VA) Loma Linda Healthcare System in Loma Linda, California, are conducting a study to assess the feasibility of MDMA-Assisted therapy for combat-related treatment-resistant PTSD in U.S. military veterans. Two participants have now completed treatment. The team at VA Loma Linda will continue to enroll up to 8 more participants. 

Dr. Anne Wagner and a team of researchers at Remedy Institute in Toronto, Ontario, are conducting a Phase 2 open-label treatment development study of MDMA-assisted cognitive processing therapy (CPT) for individuals with PTSD. One participant has completed their first treatment session. The team at Remedy Institute is currently enrolling and will include up to 10 participants.  Dr. Leanne Williams and a team of researchers at Stanford University in Stanford, California, are conducting an observational study to assess the impact of MDMA on the regulating circuits of the brain in healthy individuals using fMRI. Two participants have received MDMA so far. The team at Stanford University will enroll up to 13 more participants this year.