MDMA Therapy Training Program Update: March 2022

The 2022 training schedule has been posted on the training website, including options for a blended (online/in person) training format and an entirely virtual training format. 

Blended format cohorts: 

  • April 3-9, North Carolina 
  • May 22-28, Colorado 
  • June 12 – 19, New York 
  • September 12-18, North Carolina 
  • September 25-October 1, Colorado 
  • October 9-14, New York

Virtual cohorts (subject to change):

  • Fall 2022 Virtual Cohort (October-January) 

MAPS-sponsored researchers and therapy trainers Annie Mithoefer, B.S.N., and
Michael Mithoefer, M.D.

Retreat in Black Mountain, North Carolina to Take Place April 3-9, 2022

We are excited to welcome the special joys of meeting trainees for our first in-person retreat taking place from April 3-9 in Black Mountain, North Carolina. We are thrilled and grateful to be facilitating a meaningful six days of learning, exploration, discovery, and healing.  

The Monte Vista Hotel in charming, historic Black Mountain will serve as our retreat home. Here trainees will watch video-based case studies, listen to informative lectures, and participate in collaborative group work to further develop their therapeutic skills and knowledge. This retreat will be taught under the guidance of our MAPS Lead Trainers, Annie and Michael Mithoefer, who have worked in this field for decades.  

Our retreats also serve as opportunities to develop relationships with other aspiring practitioners in the MDMA-assisted therapy community. Trainees can partake in morning yoga, group dinners, and fun outings, which are intended to facilitate deeper connections and networking within the industry.  

We are excited to welcome our trainees to this sold-out event in just a few weeks!

Application Information
The training application will remain open for future cohorts. Applications will be reviewed during an admissions and screening process for upcoming cohorts.

Previously submitted applications will remain on file and will be reviewed for upcoming training opportunities.  

For eligible applicants interested in applying for a MAPS Health Equity Scholarship, please visit our webpage for more information and the link to the application

Adherence Rating 

The Adherence Rater Program completed its sixth Adherence Rater Training last month. Adherence Raters are mental health professionals who review session videos from the MAPS-sponsored clinical trials to ensure adherence to the treatment manual, and support ongoing therapist oversight. Over the past year, our small-but-mighty team of Adherence Raters has reviewed and rated over a thousand hours of session footage in five different languages for the MAPS-sponsored trials! 

Supervision and Consultation 

The Supervision Program continues to provide oversight and support to therapists working on the MAPS-sponsored and Investigator-Initiated trials of MDMA-Assisted Therapy for PTSD. Over the past year, Supervisors have conducted 150 Supervision Meetings with therapists working on the MAPS-sponsored trials.

Planning efforts are underway for our Supervision Program, which will support the many MAPS-trained MDMA-assisted therapy practitioners who hope to offer this treatment modality in a post-FDA approval world. Planning efforts include the development of upcoming Supervisor Training events.   

Supervision and Consultation are provided to MAPS-sponsored and Investigator-Initiated Trials all over the world. Starting this month, Consultation provided by MAPS-Certified Supervisors is also supporting the use of MDMA-assisted therapy in Switzerland in a clinical setting, where Compassionate Use guidelines allow for the use of psychedelic therapies.