The Concord Prison Experiment Experiment Follow-Up

Investigator: Rick Doblin, Ph.D. This study, originally published in the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs [Oct-Dec 1998] is one in a series of long-term follow-ups to early psychedelic research that MAPS …

Level of Use of 3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA)

Investigators: Dafters RI, Duffy F, O’Donnell P, Bouquet C Psychology Department, Glasgow University, Glasgow, Scotland G12 8RT Sponsor(s)/Funding: Self funded Contact: N/A References: Psychopharmacology …

Follow-up Study of Janiger LSD Research

Investigators: Rick Doblin, Jerry Beck, PhD, Kate Chapman, Maureen Alioto Los Angeles Area, California Contact Sponsor: MAPS The following report constitutes a forty-year+ follow-up interview study of …

MDMA Pharmacokinetics

Investigator: Rudolf Brenneisen, PhD University of Bern, Switzerland Contact: br> Completed and published, just a few subjects. Also see the details and references section.

Psilocybins Effects on Cognition

Investigator: Manfred Spitzer, MD, PhD et al. Psychiatrische Universitats Klinic, Heidelberg, Germany Human clinical study, completed and published. More psilocybin research in Germany Spitzer M, et al. …

Human Psychopharmacology of Psilocybin

Investigator: Rick Strassman, MD University of New Mexico, USA Psychobiological study. Phase 1 dose-response study Sponsor: NIDA Begun, not completed due to personal reasons unrelated to study itself. …

NIH Workshop on the Medical Utility of Marijuana

MAPS report(Turning Protests into Protocols: Dr. Harter´s Legacy) to NIDA’s Expert Panel on Medical Marijuana Research – submitted February 25, 1997 following the February 19-20, 1997 …

After Proposition 200 and 215

December 2, 1996 Senate Judiciary Committee Hearing on Medical Marijuana – A message to new visitors of the MAPS website. MAPS Policy in Response to Prop. 200 and Prop. 215

NIH Grant Application Process

NIH August 1996 Rejection and Critique of "Smoked Marijuana for HIV-Associated Anorexia and Wasting Protocol"

Water Pipe Study

Water Pipe Study by Dale H. Gieringer, Ph.D. (Summer 1996) Why Marijuana Harm Reduction? by Dale H. Gieringer, Ph.D. (Summer 1996)