Observational Study of the Long-Term Efficacy of Ibogaine-Assisted Therapy: Mexico

Observational study of the long-term efficacy of ibogaine-assisted treatment in participants with opiate addiction

This observational case study examined changes in substance use in 30 individuals seeking ibogaine-based addiction treatment for opiate dependence at two independent ibogaine clinics in Mexico. This study was intended to gather information to evaluate whether ibogaine-assisted therapy helps opiate-dependent people to implement positive changes in their drug use patterns and in their lives. Twelve-month follow-up data was collected from participants in the study to examine whether ibogaine-assisted therapy facilitates improvements in quality of life that result in decreased harms associated with chronic or mismanaged opiate use.

Results showed the most improvement in drug use at one month with 50% of participants reporting no opioid use during the previous 30 days. Ibogaine was associated with substantial reductions in opioid withdrawal symptoms and drug use in participants and may provide a useful prototype for development of innovative pharmacotherapy of addiction.