Conference Participants

MAPS Bulletin Winter 1990/91 Vol. 2, No. 1

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  • Psychiatrists Aron Belkin, Lev Gertsik, Ivan Barkov and Nicholai Kharisov and psychologist/translator Alla Malushina from Moscow
  • Psychiatrists Zdenek Dytrych and Jan Prasko from Prague’s Psychiatric Research Institute
  • Psychiatrists Jorg Roth, Peter Bauman and Juri Styk of the Swiss Association for Psycholytic Therapy (SAPT) (five of whose members have been legally permitted for several years to use MDMA and LSD in psychotherapy)
  • German psychiatrist Peter Hess, German psychologist and vice-president of the European Congress for the Study of Consciousness Michael Schlichting, German consultant to several Swiss pharmaceutical companies investigating the commercial potential of psychoactive drugs Andres Giger
  • US psychiatrists Charles Grob and Gary Bravo from the University of California at Irvine (who are preparing an application to the FDA to research the psychotherapeutic use of MDMA in terminal patients)
  • US experts in MDMA neurotoxicity Lewis Seiden, Ph.D. and Dr. George Ricaurte
  • US social scientists exploring MDMA’s non-medical use, abuse potential, and medical use Deborah Harlow, M.A. and Jerome Beck, Ph.D.
  • US LSD researchers psychologist Richard Yensen, Ph.D. [see note] and psychiatrist Donna Dryer [see note]
  • US drug policy expert Mark Kleiman,Ph.D.
  • Swiss drug abuse physician Dr. Robert Hemmig
  • Teacher of zen meditation Vanya Palmer
  • Inventor of LSD Albert Hofmann, Ph.D.
  • Representing MAPS, myself.


Yensen and Dryer are barred from MAPS and MAPS PBC activities, especially providing MAPS-sponsored MAMA-asssisted therapy, due to the ethical violation described in Public Announcement of Ethical Violation by former MAPS-sponsored Investigators.

We encourage you to read and follow for detailed information regarding MAPS Code of Ethics for Psychedelic Psychotherapy and our practices to create a culture of safety in psychedelic therapy. 

You may safely and confidentially direct misconduct reports related to MAPS-sponsored studies, MAPS staff, MAPS PBC staff, or collaborators to MAPS’ Compliance Team via email or by calling (844) 627-7722.