FY 2019-2020 Financial Report

MAPS Bulletin Autumn 2020: Vol. 30, No. 3

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Fiscal Year 2019-2020 (June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020) was MAPS’ most prolific year to date, both in funds raised and expenditures. This growth is primarily related to the Phase 3 studies of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and the required buildout of the MAPS Public Benefit Corporation (MAPS PBC) subsidiary organization in preparation for potential U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approval and global expansion of the MDMA drug development program. With the successful completion of raising $30 million in donations for the Capstone Campaign, MAPS achieved a pivotal milestone in funding projected expenses for completing the research necessary to request FDA approval and subsequent approval by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Health Canada. While we celebrate this success, our attention remains on the continued need for funding the operations of MAPS, as well as key programs including the campaigns for Phase 3 clinical trials of MDMA-assisted psychotherapy for PTSD with the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and broader global access, health equity, and harm reduction (see “What’s Next?” for more detail).


Support from individuals, corporations, bequests, and foundations in FY19-20 surpassed $16.9 million, largely directed to the Capstone Campaign (see below for a detailed report) and bolstered by MAPS’ most successful year-end fundraising campaign to date, which took place in November and December 2019 (see below for a detailed report). Thanks to our strong financial position, MAPS was able to deploy over $14.7 million towards psychedelic research, harm reduction, advocacy, and education initiatives in FY19-20.



Programmatic spending for FY19-20 was 79.1%, primarily due to increases in administrative costs associated with adding additional accounting and IT staff, adding a second office, salary increases, and improving the overall quality of insurance and benefits for staff. Fundraising costs accounted for only 3% of expenditures, or in other words, MAPS efficiently spent only $0.03 for every dollar raised.



At the close of the fiscal year, liabilities, and net assets exceeded $28.4 million, which includes over $15.2 million in outstanding multi-year pledges and receivables. MAPS ended FY19-20 with a positive change in net assets of more than $568,000, despite a 68% increase in expenditures from the previous fiscal year. Unrestricted funds, essential for the continued functioning of MAPS’ core operations, totaled over $2.9 million at the close of the fiscal year. With an operating budget of approximately $4 million, unrestricted funds remain a primary funding priority in FY20-21.



The financial results of FY19-20 are preliminary and pending the results of the annual audit, which is currently underway. To learn more, visit maps.org/about/fiscal

Capstone Campaign

In 2020*, MAPS began its most critical and ambitious fundraising campaign of its 34-year history: the Capstone Campaign. With a goal to raise the final $30 million needed to make MDMA a medicine, we were able to raise the first $10 million from an initial round of support from our Board of Directors, the Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative (PSFC), and core allies.


The second $10 million was presented in the form of a 90-day challenge grant organized by author Tim Ferriss and PSFC. With the support of over 3,600 donors, the Capstone challenge grant was unlocked! Gifts to the challenge ranged from $1 to $1.9 million, and we deeply appreciate everyone who helped realize this goal.


We extend a special recognition of those who made the $10 million challenge grant possible; Tim Ferriss who committed the first $1 million for the Capstone Challenge matching grant, and was joined by the Steven & Alexandra Cohen Foundation ($5 million), James Bailey ($1 million), Blake Mycoskie ($1 million), Peter Rahal ($1 million), and John A. Griffin ($1 million).

Thanks to this outpouring of generosity and support from our community, we are able to fund the FDA-regulated Phase 3 clinical trials and other activities required to make MDMA-assisted psychotherapy a medicine for PTSD in the United States, Canada, and Israel. The Capstone Campaign also funds the training of more therapists and preparations for prescription sales, in order to bring this much-needed treatment to patients.

*This edition of the Annual Report captures financial data between June 1, 2019 – May 31, 2020. The Capstone Campaign ran in FY19-20 and FY20-21. The results of the campaign are presented in full on this page, but funds raised in FY20-21 are excluded from the aforementioned aggregate reports.

Year-End Fundraising Campaign / General Operations

MAPS ran its year-end fundraising campaign, Expanding Psychedelic Medicine, from November 19 – December 31, 2019. Over 1,450 donors from 36 different countries helped us exceed our initial fundraising goal, raising a total of $908,943 for psychedelic research and education!

We extend a special recognition of those who made the matching grant possible; John A. Griffin ($100,000), Frank Kavanaugh ($25,000), Matt Khoury ($15,000) and the TinMan Fund ($10,000).

The annual year-end fundrai
sing campaign is a cornerstone for MAPS’ general operating support. Funds raised support the seemingly unglamorous, but critical, administrative functions behind all of our projects, including research, education and outreach programs, psychedelic harm reduction, and policy and advocacy work.

Zendo Project Campaign / Harm Reduction

The Zendo Project (zendoproject.org), the harm reduction program operated by MAPS, held our annual fundraising campaign to expand psychedelic peer support services at festivals and events. A total of 478 generous donors raised $108,418 for psychedelic peer support services and education, bringing us to 108% of our $100,000 fundraising goal. We extend a special recognition of those who made the matching grant possible: the Riverstyx Foundation ($30,000), Connor Hill ($15,000), and Dan McMurtrie ($10,000). Our success is motivating and inspiring. We are so grateful for another year of providing peer support at festivals and events around the world!

Over 350 people volunteered with the Zendo Project at Burning Man 2019 in Black Rock City, Nevada. Donations from the Zendo Project annual fundraising campaign helped to provide peer support services and education, train volunteers, secure supplies, and facilitate outreach at Burning Man, the Zendo Project’s largest annual event. We are grateful to our volunteers and supporters who help make our work possible.

The Zendo Project is working towards a fully sustainable model where program expenses are entirely covered by event venues and producers or recovered through training fees. Until the Zendo Project achieves full sustainability, we rely on support from individual donors to bring psychedelic harm reduction to the places where it is needed most.

What’s Next? / Funding Priorities

General Support

MAPS continues to prioritize public education, policy reform, and building community support networks. The educational programs and fundraising activities operated by MAPS are the lifeblood that fuel our research, training, advocacy, and community-building initiatives. MAPS anticipates its annual operating budget to grow to $5 million.

European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Global Access

MAPS is seeking regulatory approval for legal access to MDMA-assisted psychotherapy across the world. Regulatory approvals from the FDA, Health Canada, and the Israeli Ministry of Health are anticipated by early 2023, depending on how COVID-19 impacts enrollment. The next priority in MAPS’ global strategy is to receive EMA approval upon completion of a successful confirmatory clinical trial conducted across 10 sites in seven European countries. Data collected for regulatory approvals through the FDA and EMA will be used as a basis for approval in dozens of additional countries with some requiring no additional studies and some requiring small confirmatory studies. Approval in Japan and China will require additional Phase 3 studies that are not currently budgeted. MAPS anticipates the funding need for EMA and broader global access to be $30 million.

Health Equity

MAPS believes that providing MDMA-assisted psychotherapy comes with a responsibility to deliver on the public benefit promise of the organization: everyone deserves an equal opportunity to heal, to live life without PTSD. As part of MAPS’ efforts to catalyze equal access to healing for all who suffer from trauma, MAPS is launching a unified approach to embed health equity into everything we do. The Health Equity Program will create treatment and training access opportunities for those historically marginalized by the mental health field and society at large. This program funds therapist training, expanded access, and community building, with a particular focus on developing an MDMA therapist network that accurately reflects the diverse demographics of the countries where MDMA may be a medicine. MAPS is seeking $4.5 million over the next three years to establish the foundation of this critical program.

MAPS Fiscal Year 2019-2020 Donors

These pledges and donations were made between June 1, 2019 and May 31, 2020. Our gratitude goes to all of those who contributed to make this work possible. We share this list in part to show that a community has gathered to make a difference.


Steven and Alexandra Cohen Foundation

$1,000,000 – $4,999,999

Blake Mycoskie

Elizabeth Koch

George Sarlo

James Bailey

John A. Griffin

John Gilmore

Peter Rahal

Psychedelic Science Funders Collaborative (PSFC)

Tim Ferriss

$500,000 – $999,999

Cody Swift and Miriam Volat, RiverStyx Foundation

David Bronner, Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps

Frank and Susan Kavanaugh

$100,000 – $499,999

Adam Wiggins

Alex and Rachel Lloyd

John and Gwen Smart Foundation

Joseph Kert Green

Julie and Jeff Brody

Justin Rosenstein

Mike Novogratz

The Libra Foundation

Vinny Smith

$50,000 – $99,999

Inkinen Family DAF

Open Society Foundations (OSF)


Google, Inc.

Jeffrey Kwatinetz

Ron Beller

Threshold Foundation

$10,000 – $24,999

AmazonSmile Foundation

Andrew Weil

Anne St Goar and Shippen Page

Aubrey Marcus

Audra Foster

Chris Ergen

Claudine Liss

Connor Hill

Courtney Hull

Daniel McMurtrie

David Adam Roth

Eldona Hamel

Fred J. Brotherton Charitable Foundation

George Wiel

Gil Penchina

Joshua Mailman Foundation, Inc.

Kirsten Waerstad

Kwang Ho Kim

Madeleine and Lyndon Rive

Madeline Farver Berky

Maeve Rockefeller

Matt Khoury

Max Kerr

Moshe Tov Kreps

Ramez Naam

Rockefeller Family Fund

Ryan Zurrer

Samwell Freeman

Scott Faber

The Lopker Family Foundation and QAD

The TinMan Fund

Tom Latchford

$1,000 – $9,999

Adam Goetsch

Adam Hupp

Aerin Lim

Alan Bader

Alan Feiger

Alison Whitmire

Amy Pico

Andrej Cvoro

Andrew Kirk Gradison

Andrew Koraleski

Andrew Ryan

Andrew Wiggins

Ankush Gera

Ann Parrish

Anne Kate Becker

Anne Kiehl Friedman

Apple, Inc.

Ariel Poler

Arthur Corey Sarkisian

Ashley Gordon

Bailey Gimbel

Barden Family Giving

Benjamin Halper

Bessel A. Van Der Kolk

Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

Bill Freimuth

Billie-Grace Ward

Brandon Law

Brandyn Schwalm

Brian J. Smith Giving Fund

Brooke Stone

Brookstein Family Philanthropic Fund

Bruce Linton

Buckmaster Foundation

Caleb Whitten

Cameron Cheever

Candra Docherty

Cannabis Buyers Club Berkeley (CBCB)

Carla R. Lilley

Carly Taylor

Carol and Wally Marks

Carolyn Ferris

Carolyn Mary Kleefeld

Cartograph LLC

Cesar Caro Aguilar

ad Hollingsworth

Charles Arch Winn

Chelsea Monter

Chris and Dana Jenks

Christian Saenger

Claudia Marseille

Clifford Perlman

Cody L. Stone

Cody Stross

Colin Wilson

Craig Comstock

Curtis Stone

Cynthia Whitham

Daren Nordhagen

Darren Fortunato

David and Deborah Nabozny

David and Karen Branson

David Armistead

David Moore

David Nuss

Dawn McCollough

Dieter Ramaekers and Susan Kavanagh

Dr. Diva Nagula

Duncan Smith

Ed Hunsinger

Eli Dickinson and Kat Zambon

Elizabeth Boswell

Emily Maier

Emily Roy

Eric and Wendy Braun

Eric Gorski

Erik Bouchard

Ethan Ruby

Ettinger Foundation

Eva and Brendan Dillon

Eve and Stephen Milstein

Frank Kienast

Fred and Kate Weber

Frederick Schilling

Fredi Mueller

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski

Garrett Greenburg

Gerry Ohrstrom

Giancarlo Canavesio

Ginger and Brad Coy

Grant Leonard

Green Canoe Foundation

Greg Lewis

Greg Logan

Hanxi Jiang

Harris and Eliza Kempner Fund

Hawley Family Foundation

Hess Moallem

Highfield Foundation

Hilary Silver

Holly Turner

Hugo Barra

Ian Dominguez

Iiro Jalava

Jack Swain and Natalie Wolff

Jackee Stang

Jacob Sablosky

Jade Netanya Ullmann

Jake Sandler

James D. Northrup

James Lamberg

James Stewart Campbell

Jason Tan

Dr. Jeff Crawford

Jeffrey Brown

Jeffrey Gordon

Jeffrey Guss

Jeffrey St Claire

Jennifer Abele

Jennifer Allen and John Hain

Jenny Mason

Jerry Greenfield

Jiri Techet

Jo Ann Uttal-Gold and Jeffrey Gold

Joe Polish

Joel Zadak

John and Barbara Crary

John and Carole Garand

John Larkin

John O’Hara

John Renesch

Jonathan Feyer

Jonathan Koch

Jonathan Sanders

Jonathan Willbanks

Jordan Swartz

Joshua Dirlam

Joshua Geller

Karl Richard

Keith McCoy

Keith Ubben

Kenneth Ryan

Kent Hoffman

Kent Tomaselli

Kramer Foundation

Laney and Pasha Thornton

Latané Temple Keeler

Leigh Marz and Michael Ziegler

Leila Chan Currie

Leonard and Vivian Lehmann

Lisa M. Schokking

Lisa Waugh

Livingry Foundation

Dr. Lynne and M. John Richard

Mack Fuhrer

Madalyn McElwain

Manick Bhan

Mario Bonilla

Mark McDonald

Mark McNary

Mark S. Smith

Martha Stampfer

Martin Brown

Martin M. Smith

Mary Mahood

Marya Hecht


MentorMore Foundation

Merrily Wyman

Michael and Anita Siegal Family Foundation

Michael Cazayoux

Michael McPhee

Michael Pollack, SCA Charitable Foundation

Michael Pollan and Judith Belzer

Michael Stone


Mr. and Mrs. James Minarik

Mr. Noah G. Levy

Ms. Nancy G. Schaub


Natalie Slect

Natalka Burian

Nathan Markovich

Neal Marshall Goldsmith


Nicholas Newman

Ocean Labs

Ophir Marish

Oskar Demmer

Pamela and Don Lichty

Pamela Fortino

Pamela S. Lewis

Patricia Ahumada and Tip Paul

Patricia and Richard Simon

Patricia Phillips

Patrick Smith

Payam Panbechi

Pearl Baker-Katz

Peter Brock

Peter Taubkin

Phil Olson

Philip and Yvette Rosedale

Philip Jensen

Pittman Family Office

Qualcomm Matching Grant Program

Rachel Hamilton

Randee Smith

Robert and Nancy Ley

Robert Anton Patterson

Robert Gansser

Robert Tod Chubrich

Roger Mason

Roland and Elizabeth Gibson

Roland Wiederaenders

Roll Safe in partnership with Elevation Chemicals

Roman Stalder

Ronald A. Mis

Rose Valle

Sandeep Sood

Sarah Renee Ayala

Sarena Snider

Sean Cleary

Sean McAllister

Shibani Malhotra

Shwartz Family Foundation

Solli Ball Family Fund

Soltara Healing Center

Spencer Dunn


Stefanie Frank

Stephen Skiano

Steve Gehrman

Steve Lloyd Bollinger

Steve Verdone

Steve Zenone

Steven Charles Schlansker

Steven Weinstein and Marcia Meislin

Sunil Verma

Suzy Batiz

Terry L. Turner

The Betsy Gordon Foundation

The Chan Currie Philanthropic Fund

The Future Fund of Horizons Foundation

Thomas Terry

Tim Rigg

Todd Bureau

Tom Lee

Tom Woods

Tomas Lorsch

Tyler Borland

Tyler Norris

Tyler Theofilos


Vijay Chattha

Vincent Franze

Vishal Gurbuxani

Whitcomb Schrage Family

Wilhelm Family Fund

William Danna

William O’Laughlin

William Phipps Mcgrail

Yanik Silver

Yvonne Read

Zane Groves

$750 – $999

Alexander Julie

Anne Elizabeth Dierlam

Carolyn Sciarrone

Elizabeth A. Weinstein

James Youngblood

Jason Hodges

John Robert Downs

Kimberly Andryc

Mariano Said

Nick Balestino

RC Peck

Sam Garza

Saundra and Rakesh Jain

Sean Wallace

Sheila Burgel


Vincent Pedre

$500 – $749

420 Science

Adam Chacksfield


Adriana Pereira

Ali Mafi

Ana Arroyave

Andreya Zawadzki

Annabet Berlin

Anneke Gibb

Aris Giannakakis

Atsutomo Kobayashi

Ava I Asher

Barbara Slaine

Bill Fell

Brian Beckcom

Brian Bistolfo

Bryan Wegman

Camilla Field

Carolyn Cline

Catherine Auman

Chanaka Karunamuni

Charles Ward

Christian and Christine Morgan

Christina de Guia

Christina Jennings

Christopher Myers

Colin McGurk and Orli Nativ

Collin Reiff

Conal Elliott

Cory Schmidt

David Bradley

Davin Kuntze

Debora Birnbaum

Deborah Starr

Donna Maynard

Eduardo Jose Alarcón

Eliot Peper

Elisha Jussen-Cooke

Eric Trefelner

Erik Baros

Frederick Burks

House of Huston Foundation

Hugh Ryan

Intel Foundation

Isvinder Grewal

James Anderson

James Ferrari

James Watt McCormick

Jared Janes

Jason Luoma and Jenna LeJeune

Jason Santosuosso

Jef Pfeiffer

Jennifer A. Hicks

Jeya Aerenson

Jim Kolchin

Jinny Campbell

JK Irwin Foundation

Joanna Halloway

John Murphy

John Utrie

Jonathan Sporn

Josh Raymond

June and Richard Shibley

Justen Turner

Justin Johnson

Justin Routt

Kam Singh

Karl W. Channell

Kayla Soibelman

Kevin Balktick

Kylar D’aigle

Laurel Leone

Leon Campise

Les Szabo

Lori Cookston

Marc Gunther and Karen Schneider

Marcus Segal

Marie Luna

Marie-Antoinette Ware

Matt H. Kosterman

Matthew Craven

Matthew Goldman

Michael Anthony DiGangi

Michael Otterman

Michelle Baros

Michelle Glass

Nancy Davis

Nanea Reeves

Nathan Pate

Nathan Snyder

Neil Ayer, Jr.

Payman Parastaran

Payne Robertson

Peter Shore

Rhonda Crow

Richard Spanton

Robert J. Reichenbach

Robert J. Stek

Robert Picard

Ruzsa Balázs

Sara Sinback

Sarah Geiger

Scott Draves

Scott Peppet

Scott Sawatzki

Shane Leather

Shane Mitchell

Sogol Layli

Stacy Mason

Stadler Family Giving Fund

Stern/McLean Family Fund

Susan Kelly

Susan P. Robbins

Susanna Chung

Toni Starr

Torin Monet

Travis Hultgren

Trent Beattie

Viraj Sinha

VMLY&R Foundation Fund

Wayne Lieberman

West Family Foundation

William F. Harrison

William Healy

William Hibbits

William James Barone

Zachary Goldman

$250 – $499

Aaron Wynn

Adam Engle

Adam M. Murray

Alan Kaplan

Alan Thomas

Alex Zosman

Alexa M. Klingler

Alexander Shepherd

Alexandra Heller

Alexandra L. Kutik

Anat Agmon

Andre Hamm

Andrew Hayward

Andrew Skinner

Andrew Wagoner

Anthony Finlay

April Benson

Art Tucker

Arthur A. Agin

Ashley Brock

Ashley Lunsford

Austin Corley

Ben Davis

Ben Rubin

Benjamin Adair

Benjamin Broder

Benjamin OConnor

Bennet Zelner

Bettina Hubby

Bill Winter

Blake Wedekind

Brenda Freeman

Bridget Chisholm

Brittany Kaiser

Bruce Buckelew

Caleb Offley

Carlotta Siniscalco

Carol Anne Fienhage

Casey McConnen

Cassandra Shakespeare

Cathy Scanlon

Charles Lockwood

Charles Mark Spitzer

Chia-Hao Chiao

Christopher Becker

Christopher Martucci

Christopher Parry

Christopher Weber

Cindy Rasmussen

Claire Johnson

Cody Shirk

Colin M. Gibbs

Craig Heacock

Cynthia and William Carroll

Cynthia Faatz

Cynthia Lehr Suleman

Dale Roberts

Dan Girellini

Dan Haeg

Dan Mottsman

Dan Whipple

Daniel Grauer

Darrick May

David Brayton

David Clayton

David E. Ginsburg

David J. Culbertson

David Lukoff

David Markun

David Millar

Deepika Dabhi

Dennis Sturms

Derek Chase

Derek Metz

Diane Byler

Dona Hill

Dori Krause

Dorine Nafziger and Jeremiah Coleman

Douglas Robinson

Dr. Barry Elkin


Elias Zamaria

Elise and Gerald Lazar

Elizabeth Bershad

Elizabeth Doyne

Elizabeth Roseman

Ellie Davis

Elliot Marseille

Emil Schlosser

Eric Chazan

Erik Horbacz

Ethan Nadelmann

Eugenio Fernandez

Evan Partch

Flavia Cassani

Gary Bravo and Susan Seitz


George Visan

Gert De Smedt

Giorgio Rossi

Graham Carroll

Gulshan Jaffery

Halle Whitlock

Hampus Joelsson

Henry Reath

Holly Gillian Kindel

Howard Korn

Ian Patrick Sobieski

Jacob Kossoris

Jake D’Orazio

James Dellinger

James Drew A. Bennie

James White

Jan-Albert Van Den Berg

Janet Blum

Janet Whittle

Janis Krums

Jarratt Applewhite

Jason Olsen

Jay Brown

Jay Cartwright

Jay Cranfill

Jay Lewis

Jeffry G. Pearl

Jenn Azure Downhill

Jeremy Ogul

Jeromey Popa

Jesse Russell

Jill Higgins

Jim Backman

Joe Bamberg

Joe Dayball

Joel Byrd

John and Riley Pfeiffer

John Golden

John Goodman

John Lochridge

John McIlwain

John Moos

John Shealy,

Jon Saraniti

Jon Wagher

Jonathan Camacho

Jonathan Chappell

Jordan Erlends

Jordan Silva

Joseph Knapich

Josiah Halajian

Justin Cutler

Mr. Justin Hall and Mrs. Ilyse Magy

Justin Yu

Kaiomarz Bhada

Karl Weiss

Katherine Ebert

Kathleen Roper

Ken Griebell

Koen Hugelier

Kristin Healy

Larry L. Wendell

Lawrence Ostrovsky

Lori Sweat

Lou Lukas

Luanne and James Brown

Magaly Mauer

Marcin Witek

Mark Badgley

Mark Butler

Marshall Macy II

Mary Catherine Ford

Mary Melkonian

Matt P Bewley

Matthew Neal

Max Hollmann

Meyer Mishkin

Michael and Deborah Goldberg

Michael Campos

Michael Fitzhugh

Michael Jerome

Michael Johnston

Michael Mallon

Michael Sage

Michael Scholl

Mickra Hamilton

Mike and Wendy Murphy

Mitch Lindgren

Mohammed Aldahlawi

Mohinder Gulati

Murphy Gillogly

Myles Farmer

Mylon Marshall

N&P’s Giving Fund via Schwab Charitable

Natalie Campo

Nathaniel Downs

Nial DeMena

Nicholas A. Cammarata

Nicholas Otto

Nick Clarke

Nick Gillespie

Nick Stanton

Nick Vondra

Nigel Cox

Noah Hofmann-Smith

Pamela Stockton

Parrish Collins

Patricia Shaw Savant

Patrick Cheung

Patrick Hanks

Patrick Zacarola

Paul Kuhn, Jr.

Pedro Belo

Peter Goetz

Rachel Johnston

Rebecca Gasca

Rebecca Kennedy

Rex P. Schirmer

Richard Bargloski

Richard Steele

Rick Sabatino

Riley Curran

Risa Horowitz

Robb Allan

Robert Badham

Robert Boswell

Robert Heffron

Robert J. Kenney, Jr.

Robert Walters

Robert Waterman

Roderick Krause

Rylan Mattes


Samson Klitsner

Sarah Poston

Sarah Rose Siskind

Sasha Cohen

Schana Kiesow

Scott German

Scott Sargent

Scott Teitsworth

Scott Turkin

Sean Lawlor

Sean Stack

Shane Mauss

Shayna Kelleher

Sheila Duddy

Sherry Mallory

Shirelle Noble

Simon Repton

Sonja Lyubomirsky

Spencer Ross

Stavros Alexandrakis

Steve Lefevre

Steven Delello

Steven Geduld

Steven Wallingford

Steven Wittels

Tal Hayek

Taylor Burton

Taylor King

Thomas Brod

Thomas Kellerhoff

Timothy Zorno

TJ McConnell

Tom Lehrer

Tom Link

Tomer Shekel

Tony Castrigno

Tor Bordvik

Travis Bainbridge

Tristan Newman

Tyler Nelson

UJ Ramdas

Vasia Ivanov


Vito E. Bertuglia

Walton Enterprises

Warner Bros. Entertainment, Inc.

Whitney Eden

William Hill

William Masek

William Pearson

Wise Ape Industries, LLC


Zachary Goren

Zachary Villanueva

Ze Yan

Zev Nathan


Merete Christiansen, Associate Director of Development