Grateful Rebirth and Renewal

Autumn 2007 Vol. 17, No. 2 Special Edition: Psychedelics and Self Discovery

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When I attempt to consciously pinpoint the personal importance of these chemical tools it becomes difficult to do so. I have had many moments of self-understanding catalyzed by the presence of one or more psychedelic substances. I feel fortunate to have encountered these substances in my relatively short life. It would be generic to try to explain the details of these moments except to say that they are indeed ephemeral.

As I get older these substances become more and more necessary to my objective learning process as a human being, and less likely to be consumed for irresponsible reasons or recreation. I could live without these tune-ups but choose not to. They remind me that I am blessed to be part of this life, and that the level of joy I attain in my life is a reflection of my perception. They help me realize that the extent to which I experience joy is likely going to be balanced by certain events that could be viewed as negative. Having that in mind reminds me that I am truly a working, living, breathing portion of this universe, with power to make choices that will evolve me consciously if I choose. I have been fortunate enough to be shown beauty and light, and to be reminded that the light is there within us all, all of the time.

I could live without these tune-ups but choose not to.

  The main point of my essay is to convey the fact that these tools work for me because they remind me that I will, and have, forgotten these lessons in the past. Each time I reacquaint my mind and soul with the experience a new life henceforth becomes possible if I choose. It’s a sort of periodic rebirth and renewal.

I also realize that it is my personal wiring that is sensitive to this. Perhaps, not everyone can continue with psychedelics in their lives.

As I write this I think of the multitudes of problems that these gifts have helped me work through and surmount over the years. I am reminded that many people would benefit from access to a tool of understanding as powerful and potentially benign as a psychedelic experience with someone they love. They are a key to understanding myself and my world.

As far as I’m concerned psychedelics are indispensable catalysts for contemplation that should be available to individuals who wish to view their lives constructively and openly. I am truly grateful for their existence.