Letters to MAPS – Winter 2006

Winter 2006-7 Vol. 16, No. 3 Low Maintenance, High Performance

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I worked as a Sanctuary volunteer this year, and offering a safe haven from the chaos abound was obscenely satisfying. Regarding said chaos, while I do enjoy having it wash over me (the frenzied intensity of it all can be quite yummy), it’s hard not to succumb to over-stimulation. When substances are added to the mix, even experienced users may feel the sensory onslaught drown out notions of set and setting. There is a clear need for what Sanctuary offers; a space to integrate and transform difficult experiences into positive ones. It was at times discouraging to witness drug use reflecting the larger societal association of self-destruction, rather than self-awareness and personal growth. As the distinction there can be hazy and rather subjective, we need to acknowledge the whole spectrum of experiences and intentions that folks have.
– Ahsan Portland, Oregon

Although I could go into great detail about all the wonderful facets of Entheon Village (such as beautiful, fresh salads every day – wow!), I believe the most important aspect was that we all came together and the experience was influential to ourselves and others on a life-changing level. My life was changed from the first moment I set foot in Black Rock seven years ago. The evolution I have seen take place and the evolution of my own personal journeying as I intersect with the pathways of others all seems to now be tangibly fitting into place like puzzle pieces. Entheon Village is a big piece of that puzzle for me. I thank everyone who was involved and hope they all know how special they are.
– Claire Lipton Palm Desert, California

As I expected, Entheon Village felt very much like home. I commend you for all the work that obviously went into it. I’m certain that it took much more effort than even what was obvious. I so much enjoyed Rick’s opening keynote which centered on the Entheon vision and the John Halpern issue. Several times during the talk and later, I was struck by the thought that indeed “this” is why I have so much respect for the MAPS organization. The integrity, the open-mindedness and honesty that you bring to face issues of this kind is inspiring and I want you to know that. I *love* the way that MAPS has directed itself to embrace the celeb-ratory, artistic and spiritual aspects of our evolving culture when it would feel so much safer to embrace only the scientific. Warm Regards,

Jeff Mease
CEO, One World Enterprises
Bloomington, Indiana