MAPS and Research with Psychedelics Other than MDMA

Winter 1991/92 Vol. 03, No. 1 The Rekindling of a Thousand Points of Light

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Although MAPS will continue to concentrate its resources on MDMA research, it will also broaden its vision. The field of psychedelic research is so interdependent that progress with one drug in one country can effect researchers interested in another drug in another country. Conversely, problems with one drug can hinder research with other drugs. For example, the tragic and still puzzling death of a patient in France who had been treated with ibogaine halted all therapeutic use of MDMA, LSD and 2C-B in Switzerland for over a year. Their use was only recently permitted to resume.

As part of the broader MAPS agenda, this issue of the MAPS newsletter contains a discussion of DMT research by Dr. Rick Strassman and a request for donations to help him write a book on DMT. In addition, Dr. John Morgan writes about research with ibogaine. When the FDA-approved LSD protocol has secured Institutional Review Board approval, MAPS will then seek funds for LSD research. This newsletter also discusses developments regarding the medical use of marijuana.