Experiments with a New Format for Membership Communications

MAPS Bulletin Autumn 1994 Vol. 05, No. 2 Building Towards Clinical Trials

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MAPS is experimenting with a new form of communicating with its members. This mailing contains a simple newsletter containing brief updates about the projects that MAPS is currently funding, as well as news about other psychedelic research projects. Unlike recent issues of the newsletter, it contains no lengthy articles. The newsletter is designed for you to read quickly and get a basic overview of MAPS’ activities. The next issue of the MAPS newsletter will be called a Bulletin instead of a newsletter, to reflect the inclusion of longer and/or more scholarly articles, as well as book reports and news updates. We hope that by alternating newsletters and bulletins, we can provide you with more frequent and timely reports on MAPS’ activities, as well as periodic overviews of the entire field of psychedelic research.