National Medical Marijuana Day – Autumn 1994

MAPS Bulletin Autumn 1994 Vol. 05, No. 2 Building Towards Clinical Trials

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November 15, 1994 was National Medical Marijuana Day. The Cannabis Action Network (CAN) organized about 100 local educational and cultural events, and NORML organized a special press conference at the National Press Club in Washington, DC. These events were designed to bring this issue to the attention of the American public.

At the press conference, patients from around the country joined with physicians and activists to explain this issue to the media, and through the media to the American public. Though an extraordinarily persuasive group of speakers appeared at the National Press Club, there was unfortunately very little press attention.

The main lesson MAPS learned from this disappointment is that the strategy of trying to force politicians to accept the medical use of marijuana through testimonials alone is not likely to succeed. While the tragic spectacle of having a patient get arrested and tried for the medical use of marijuana can get media attention, and change public opinion to some extent, government policy against the medical use of marijuana is deep-seated. It is for this reason that MAPS continues to pursue a complementary strategy based on FDA-approved scientific research aimed at making marijuana into a prescription medicine.

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