MAPS Bulletin Spring 2016: Vol 26 No. 1 Special Edition: Psychedelics and the New Economy

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Experience So Lucid Discovery So Clear | Cameron Gray
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Left of Me | Cameron Gray
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1Table of Contents 
2From the Desk of Rick Doblin, Ph.D., MAPS Founder and Executive DirectorRick Doblin, Ph.D.
4Psychedelics and Systems ChangeCharles Eisenstein
7Psychedelic Education, New Modalities, and Coming Opportunities in Mental Health
Saj Razvi, L.P.C.
11The Synergy of Medicine, Science, and Public BenefitMatthew J. Neal
14Medical Cannabis for PTSD as Public BenefitRick Doblin, Ph.D.
20Legal Cannabis: A New Kind of IndustryTroy Dayton
24Psychedelic Philanthropy: Making Medicines and Reclaiming TimeCody Swift
26Crowdfunding Psychedelic ScienceBryce Montgomery
30 R/evolutionary Medicine: Psychedelics, Trauma, and the Pharmaceutical IndustryNatalie Lyla Ginsberg
32Race Based Trauma: The Challenge and Promise of MDMA-Assisted TherapyMonnica T. Williams, Ph.D., and Chris Leins, M.A.
38The Ayahuasca Industry and Global Healing in an Experience EconomySitaramaya Sita
42Psychedelic Harm Reduction in the Festival Industry: An Interview with Do LaB Co-Founder Dede FlemmingLinnae Ponté
50MAPS: Who We Are
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