Autumn 1999 Vol. 09, No. 3

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Front Cover


Front Cover
1 Letter from the MAPS President Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
2 Table of Contents
3 MDMA Neurotoxicity Research: Methodological Concerns Charles Grob, M.D.
4 MDMA Neurotoxicity Discussed Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
6 MDMA and Memory Impairment: Proven or Not Proven? K. Thomas Nelson, Ph.D.
9 Reviewing the Latest Research with MDMA and MDE: Introduction to a recent MAPS organized conference  
11 Proposal for a Study with MDMA and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in Spain Jose Carlos Bouso Saiz
15 MDMA in a Couple Struggling with Cancer: Two Years Later Sue
18 Cannabis in Migraine Treatment Project Moves Closer to FDA Approval Ethan Russo, M.D.
19 MAPS Succeeds in Securing an Orphan Drug Designation for Marijuana Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
20 Medical Cannabis Potency Testing Dale Gieringer, Ph.D.
23 Do Entheogen-Induced Mystical Experiences Boost the Immune System? Thomas B. Roberts, Ph.D.
32 Back Cover