MAPS Organizational News

MAPS Bulletin Summer 1991 Vol. 2, No. 2

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MAPS recently received a generous donation of $10,000. The donors said their gift will be annual “as long as there is a need for such an organization and as long as MAPS continues to be effective . . . I trust this long-term pledge will help you in planning your budget as well as encouraging others to be charitable.” Since last year’s MAPS budget was $45,000, there is still a need for donations of any size. The largest single item in last year’s MAPS budget, $26,000, was devoted to the Swiss conference. The remainder supported part of Dr. Krupitsky’s travels in the US, a study examining the Swiss use of psychedelics, several small meetings to discuss the design of the MDMA protocol, the production of the newsletters and video, and office expenses, copies, and phones. No salaries were paid. This year’s expenditures will focus on protocol development, support for any hearings called by the FDA to discuss the protocol and, hopefully, the experiment itself.