Summer 2008 Vol. 18, No. 2 Phoenix Rising: A Review of MAPS Research

MAPS Bulletin Vol XVIII No 2: Summer 2008 - Front Cover Image

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MAPS Bulletin Vol XVIII No 2: Summer 2008 - Front Cover Image
MAPS Bulletin Vol xviii No 2: Summer 2008 - Back Cover Image - Quote from Albert Hofmann's autobiography
Quote from Albert Hofmann’s autobiography

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2 Letters to the Editor
3 Letter from Rick Doblin, Ph.D.

Letter from the Editor
David Jay Brown, M.A.

6 MAPS’ US MDMA/PTSD Phase II Study: The 12th and Final Progress Report
Michael Mithoefer, M.D
8 Swiss MDMA-assisted Psychotherapy Study in PTSD: Update on Study Progress
Peter Oehen, M.D.
9 MAPS Data Management
10 Spain/France Trip/Psychedelic Emergency Work
Valerie Mojeiko, B.A.
11 LSD-Assisted Therapy: An Update
Peter Gasser, M.D.
13 To Be Read at My Funeral
Albert Hofmann, Ph.D.
16 Interview with Albert Hofmann
David Jay Brown, M.A.
17 Psychedelic Research: The French Revolution
Alexandre Lehmann & Juan C. González, Ph.D.
20 Ayahuasca: Legalized Works in the Netherlands!
Ewald Weigle, Ph.D.
22 Feds Continue to Barricade Marijuana FDA Drug Development Research: NIDA Rejects Vaporizer Protocol, DEA Continues Strategy of Delay
Jag Davies
25 Training the Psychedelic Brain
Langdon Roberts, M.A. C.M.T.
28 Heffter Research Institute: September 2008 Update
George Greer, M.D.
29 Introducing MAPS New Communications and Marketing Director
Randolph Hencken, M.A.
30 MAPS – Who We Are
31 MAPS Membership Information & Product Page
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“Paracelsus described nature and creation as a ‘book that was written by God’s finger’. During my life I was given this exhilarating and entirely comforting experience: The one who understands how to read this book, not only with regards to scientific research but with marveling and loving eyes, will find a deeper, wonderful reality revealing itself –a reality in which we are all secure and united for ever and ever.
– Albert Hofmann,
from his autobiography, p13