Poem: The Psychedelic Pyromancer: In Loving Memory of Flow Master Dan

Spring 2011 Vol. 21, No. 1 Special Edition: Psychedelics & the Mind/Body Connection

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Arcs and rings of fire,

swirl like dervishes courting galaxies,

their tendrils flicker hypnotic with combustion’s dance

as matter is churned into energy.

Theophany enducing melodies envelope the dancer,

transmuting elemental forces into living mythos.

The flames carve illuminated sigils,

composed of interlocking organic patterns.

Thier flow woven into spells of acoustic algorhithms

driven by kinetic and temporal currents,

simultaneously sound and form.

Their alchemy rippling in multidimensional mandalas.

With body, mind and spirit aligned,

Harmonically resonant frequencies coax

filigree spirals of fire, ecstatic bliss

tempered by a fierce grace.

evoking the cymatics of spiderwebs, snowflakes and sitars

As the dancer spells out their love song to the stars.