Psychedelic Education Program – Summer 2011

Summer 2011 Vol. 21, No. 2 Research Edition

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With MAPS expanding its research program to move even closer towards regulatory approval of MDMA as a prescription medicine, there will be more need for therapists trained in MAPS’ approach to MDMA-assisted psychotherapy than ever before. Phase 3 of our research program—involving scores of therapists and over a dozen studies in multiple countries—will begin in earnest in 2015.

The MAPS Psychedelic Education Program (PEP) will provide access to knowledge about the history, methodology, and potential applications of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy not available through other educational channels. Professional credit (CE/CME) will be available for qualifying medical practitioners.

Some (but not all) of those participating in the PEP may be invited to participate in a more intensive training program to prepare them to become therapists and researchers in one of our future studies. We are not actively recruiting subjects for our therapist training study, as it is limited to individuals already involved already chosen to be therapists in our MDMA-assisted psychotherapy research projects.

Keep watching for announcements about workshops at Cartographie Psychedelica, taking place December 8-12 at the Oakland Marriott City Center. These workshops will be a great opportunity for anyone interested in learning more about psychedelic therapy and harm reduction, including those who want to enroll in the Psychedelic Education Program.