Spring 1993 Vol. 04, No. 1 Remembrance and Renewal

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1 President’s Review Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
2 MAPS’ Research Budget Rick Doblin, Ph.D.
3 LSD Research in the 1990’s Donna Dryer, M.D. and Richard Yensen, Ph.D.
6 From Problem Child to Wonder Child: LSD turns 50 Michael Montagne
15 New Transpersonal Bridge between Russia and America Evgeny Krupitsky and Vladimir Maikov
17 Are Entactogens A New Class of Psychoactive Agents? or How We Came To Work with MDE! Euphrosyne Gouzoulis, M.D. and Leopold Hermle, M.D.
21 Future Plans of the European College for the Study of Consiousness Dr. Med. Juraj Styk
22 MDMA – The View from England Nicholas Saunders
25 The San Luis Potosi Conference Plants, Shamanism and States of Consciousness: Hallucinogenic Plants and their Cultural Context Antonio Bianchi
29 20 Years Visiting the Huichols Tom Mayers
32 The First International Ibogaine Treatment Symposium Bob Sisko
34 Phenethylamines, Free Radicals, and Antioxidants Brian Leibovitz, Ph.D.
36 Against Whose Excess? John P. Morgan, M.D.
40 Kleiman Responds Mark Kleiman, Ph.D.
44 Letter from Ralph Metzner Ralph Metzner
45 MAPS Forum : Correspondence with Veronica Lenard Veronica Lenard
45 MAPS Forum : Letter from Roger Roger
48 50th Anniversary of LSD Poster by Max Doubt Max Doubt