Requested – Subjective Reports of the Prozac / MDMA Combinations

MAPS Bulletin Autumn 1990 Vol. 1, No. 3

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Determining if there is a method of eliminating MDMA’s neurotoxicity without diminishing its valuable subjective, therapeutic effects would provide important information to MDMA users and could play a major role in the initiation of FDA-approved human studies. Several people who have tried a combination of Prozac and MDMA report the MDMA experience to be essentially unchanged. Others feel there is some effect. Reports from experimenters in the field (that hopefully means some of the intrepid readers of this newsletter) are the only sources of information on this matter.

MAPS requests people who have tried an MDMA prozac combination to send in written reports on their subjective experiences. The combination of most interest is a standard dose of Prozac (20mg) with 75-100 mg of MDMA, taken simultaneously.

If the reports suggest the MDMA experience remains unchanged, a small study to determine if Prozac blocks neurotoxicity in primates would follow. If successful, an application for an FDA-approved study to investigate therapeutic uses of the combination would be submitted.