Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences Commemorates the 50th Aniversary of Dr. Albert Hofmann’s Discovery of LSD

Winter 1994 Vol. 04, No. 3 A Time of Tests

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On October 22 and 23, 1993, the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences held its LSD conference in Lugano -Agno, Switzerland amidst mountain lakes near the Italian border. By the end of the conference, I felt that the consensus of the participants was that LSD should indeed be the subject of renewed scientific inquiry. This conclusion seemed to be echoed by all concerned including experts in the treatment of drug abuse, therapists, brain neurochemists, and even government regulators from several countries. While the renewal of psychedelic research is still in its infancy, the Swiss Academy of Medical Sciences conference made an important contribution toward strengthening the scientific arguments and political consensus for its continued growth. Perhaps Albert Hofmann’s problem child, like so many of us whose path to adulthood was turbulent and troubled, may yet grow into a responsible citizen. Much hangs in the balance.

At its heart, the Swiss Academy conference was a tribute to the very important scientific and medical contributions made by Dr. Albert Hofmann. In his wonderful synthesis of the science of chemistry, the art of living, and the spirituality of the psychedelic experience, Dr. Hofmann has been a profound inspiration to many people all over the globe. For those who know the value of LSD, the world seems doubly gifted, first by LSD’s discovery and second by the fact that is was Dr. Albert Hofmann who discovered it.