An Invitation for Dialogue


In the upcoming winter issue:

  • Researching School-Based Drug Education: Drug Education and Democracy [In]action – Joel H. Brown, Ph.D., M.S.W.

    Because all sorts of substances (licit and illicit) are used in this society with a variety of costs and benefits by a majority of our citizens, the quality of drug education is one of our most prescient barometers of our democracy and social well being. It is important to explore school-based drug education for two reasons. First, because there are few who really understand what children experience in such programs. Second, because most policy discussions of U.S. substance abuse tie youth and drug education together.

  • A continuing area of discussion: Families and Drugs The Rite of Passage: A family’s perspective on the use of MDMA Stumbling on His Stash
  • The life and accomplishments of Dr. Hanscarl Leuner – Torsten Passie, M.D. and Michael Schlichting, M.D.
  • Reports on the 1996 ITA Conference, Technologies of the Sacred – Introduction by Stan Grof, impressions by Donna Dryer and Richard Yensen, Charles Grob, Dionisio Santos and Rick Strassman.
  • An ongoing discussion: The Role of MAOIs in the Hallucinogenic Experience – John H. Halpern, M.D.
  • Psilocybin’s effects on cognition: Discussion of recent research – Matthew J. Baggott
  • The Hoffman Report, newsletter of the Albert Hoffman Foundation
  • The Heffter Research Institute Update

Updates on the Ketamine study at Yale, the Harbor – UCLA MDMA research, Dr. Donald Abrams’ proposed study of smoked marijuana in the treatment of the AIDS wasting syndrome, the Cannabis Patient Registry and other research around the world… v6n4.pdf