Bialik Breakdown: Overcome Trauma: MDMA, PTSD and Our Ability to Heal

Summary: On the Bialik Breakdown, MAPS Founder and Executive Director Rick Doblin, Ph.D., and Mayim Bialik discuss the healing potential of MDMA-assisted therapy, as well as the ancient origins of psychedelic use. “In MDMA-assisted therapy, the treatment is not the drug—the drug is just a tool,” says Doblin. “It’s the relationship that we have with it that makes the difference.”

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Mayim explains the neurobiology of trauma and reveals her own experience working to overcome a traumatic event. Rick details the ground-breaking research his lab is doing using MDMA to treat PTSD. Rick and Mayim discuss everything from the ancient cultural origins of psychedelics and explore the “unified mystical experience of oneness” that is often brought on through the use of this medicine. Rick explains how MDMA can help free people who are stuck in a fight-or-flight response by calming their overactive amygdala while reconnecting them to disconnected memories. Jonathan volunteers Mayim for Rick’s next study to get help with her on-going nightmares and Rick shares in real time the results of his most recent research which promises to change the laws and future of how we treat PTSD.