CNBC: A Psychedelic Drug Boom in Mental Health Treatment Comes Closer to Reality

Summary: In a new article from CNBC, journalist Eric Rosenbaum explores how the first completed Phase 3 clinical trial investigating the treatment of posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) with MDMA-assisted therapy is leading to a “psychedelic drug boom in mental health treatment,” referencing the recent peer-reviewed publication of results from the MAPS-sponsored research in Nature Medicine. CNBC highlights how the promising results are supporting potential prescription use of MDMA-assisted therapy becoming approved by the FDA by 2023, noting that future access to psychedelic therapy may help mitigate the increasing prevalence of mental health conditions impacting large portions of the world.

“New results from a clinical trial using MDMA to treat post-traumatic stress disorder showed the promise of a stigmatized drug to treat mental illness at a time when Covid-19 has raised global awareness of the toll of mental health conditions,” explains Rosenbaum of CNBC. “The current treatment approach of helping people to live with depression and PTSD, and on medication, creates a patient population and cost factor that is a burden on the health-care system. That may ultimately help the new drug companies gain acceptance if the clinical trials results continue to be positive.”

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