Dealers lacing ecstasy with other drugs

Dealers lacing ecstasy with other drugs

MELBOURNE, July 18 2005 (UPI)
A newspaper investigation reveals that illegal drug makers are lacing ecstasy tablets with dangerous ingredients such as morphine and speed.

Of 89 batches of ecstasy tablets tested by the Victoria Police, only 18 had MDMA — the uncut form of ecstasy — as the main drug, the Melbourne Herald Sun reported Monday.

Police say the tests highlight a dramatic shift in the ecstasy market, fooling users into using other drugs.

“I think it’s a case of Russian roulette,” said Victoria Police drug analysis branch manager Cate Quinn. “This is a very illicit, unstable market.”

Ingredients found in the pills, all labled CK, include ephedrine, caffeine, mianserin, ketamine, phenylpropanolamine, pseudoephedrine, procaine, acetylmethylamphetamine, morphine, formylmethylamphetamine and diazepam.

The Herald Sun said ecstasy is sweeping rural and regional areas. A police unit of 21 officers has been formed to tackle Victoria’s explosion in ecstasy dealing but recent arrests have failed to dent the supply and demand.

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Austrailia’s United Press runs “Dealers lacing ecstasy with other drugs,” reporting on the widespread adulteration of ecstasy tablets throughout the country.